December 23, 2011

What did the Emperor give you for Christmas?

If you are one of the “fortunate” 6700 proud owners of the Obamamotors Chevy Volt you got a lot!!

You paid somewhere around $39,000 after energy credits etc.  but a closer analysis shows you actually got a lot bigger discount than that.

Who provided those additional great incentive discounts??  WE DID!!  The hard working tax paying public subsidized every Chevy Volt to the tune of $250,000 per car.  A $3 Billion wet sloppy kiss from the Emperor’s Regime to all those businesses who have a part in the manufacture of a Chevy Volt.

So, when you see someone driving a Volt around town remember who they need to say thank you to – NOT the Emperor or the Libs who are claiming to have “saved” the US auto industry that’s for sure.

Not true you say? Follow the link below the photo to see the truth.

Sensenbrenner was right about Michelle

Sensenbrenner was expressing an understandable irritation with Michelle Obama, but he picked the wrong angle. The most prominent negative feature of Mrs. Obama (other than being Mrs. Obama) is her ego. She should not be telling us how to eat - not because of her appearance, but because of her holier-than-thou, Michelle-knows-best, I'm-the-important-president's-wife-so-you-should-listen-to-me reason. Michelle Obama embodies Big Government: she is the typical ruling class elite making rules and "suggestions" for the rest of us on every detail of our lives without our consent.

December 20, 2011

Sign the "NO SIGN" petition and support Gov. Walker

Could your name be on a recall petition without you having signed one?  You bet it can.  To assist Gov. Walker and the team of volunteers who are going to have to do the GAB's job there is a site where you can go and sign as a supporter of Walker and help the verifiers know that your name should NOT be on a recall petition.  Click here to go to the site

December 19, 2011

Is it summer yet?

Looks like the Occupiers will love this. They can use their student loans for the tickets... Or they can just occupy the theater.

MRQ a tremendous amount of fun.

Nobody tell Mrs. Fred.  Trog.
more outgoing and more exciting Dan.
chili recipes and fashion tips Wigdy
keep piling on.  Scoff
can't handle common sense.  Patrick.
higher fiber.  And lower standatds.  Scoff
you've been punished.  Patrick
creepy   Trog
stalking the wrong house;.  Wigdy

Ding Dong  Kate

a crush on Charlie  Owen


checkety check check Franf
a tremendous amount of fun.  Carrie

I feel dirty.  Dipity

allergic to work.  Tammy

give me SOMETHING!   CFR

Re-Gifts  Tom

I rarely "LOL" Gravelle

King size bed.  Chad

line up to spank her.  Stacey

man bwoobs.  Lou

couldn't afford a hitman Jim

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Mostly False.

Milwaukee Journal:

If street names are illegible, the signatures will still be counted, said election specialist Katie Mueller. The signatures themselves will almost always be counted, even when they consist of just an "X." If names appear to be fictitious - "Mickey Mouse," for instance - the workers will flag the names, but will not strike them.
"We base everything on a presumption of validity," Mueller said.

Yet somehow when MacIver says the same thing Politi"fact" rates MacIver as mostly false?

Who gets to Politi"fact" the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel?