December 17, 2011

Dear Santa: Be careful what you wish for!

My friend wants a 3rd Party candidate fro Christmas...i told him why thats a bad idea!

December 15, 2011

Big Announcement!

The Dims are all excited that they don't have enough signatures yet...

Out of the 500K or so that they have announced how many of those are actually legitimate?  20?

Still no candidate, Ooooooo be afraid, be very afraid.

Who gets to define who a terrorist is in America?

That is the question.
Looks like Americans will have to wait and find out (just like waiting to see what's in the health care bill until after it goes into effect...)

December 13, 2011

Guess the number



Mr. Pelican Pants does it again.  The top 1% of New York wage earners pay 43.2% of the taxes even though they only make 33.8% of the income.

And if you listen to the left, they don't pay their fair share....

If they were to pay their fair share they would have to be given a large tax cut.

December 12, 2011

MRQ a delightful surprise.


Poor Fred  Wigdy
water in my noodles.  Dan.
better pack some snacks.  Trog.

put the damn things down.  Kevin

The Nastiest.  Dan.

We all feel it.  Trog

talk about whatever  Kate
Up on the roof-top snipers perch!  Scoff
living in squalor  Patrick

start collecting signatures.  Shark

a delightful surprise.  Scoff

Chick Fight!!  Steve.  (What is it about those two words?)

faster than Rod Blagojevich. Gravelle

glug...glug,,,  Dipity

gotta slum it.  Franf

The Donkey   Tom

just watching.  CFR

I want.  Carrie

drunk.  Cindy

hitting on you.  WebWit

Lowes does the right thing!

California State Senator Lieu is WRONG to call for a boycott! 

He should be commending Lowes for it's courage and Patriotism

In our atmosphere of out-of-control Political Correctness it is refreshing to see a corporation stand up for America for once!!

The Looney Left and the media want us to think Lowes are the bad guys by taking a stance against a program that promotes a religion that at it's core hates anyone who is not of their religion.  It has been demonstrated repeatedly from the Koran's own writings that "Death to the Infidels" is part of this religions basic tenant.  To try to put window dressing on it with a program that tries to put a "gentler face" on this religion is dishonest.

I will go out of my way to buy at Lowes from now on.  I applaud their brave stance and wish more US corporations would do the same and have sent them an email letting them know of my support.

Want to test out the new Wisconsin Health Care Exchange website?

Really think we need a Health Exchange Website for Wisconsin if we're not going to comply with or participate in ObamaCare? I hope Governor Walker shuts it down ASAP.