December 9, 2011

Recall Mania!

Wow, the Racine recall effort is busy!  See for yourself.

The Emperor is part of the 1%

Obama is a 1%er

Hey all you "Occupiers" out there. Do you realize you are being scammed by the Emperor and his Regime? He tells you he is in support of your cause. He tells all of us the 1% should pay more taxes. Let's look at the math on the Emperors most recent taxes. By his own definition he is a 1% according to his income level and should therefore be willing (even eager) to pay more. How about a fact check:

The Emperor paid $454,000 in taxes (that's a 28% tax rate) and got a refund of $12,000. He advocates returning to Clinton era tax rates which would put him in the 39% tax rate category or a tax due of $654,000. So why did he not lead and pay his FAIR SHARE?

It's time to change the location of your campout - how about moving it to the White House? I am sure the Emperor and Empress would love to have you camp out on their lawn. After all they won't be there for Christmas - they will be on another vacation junket to Hawaii for golf and shopping on our dime!


By making a mockery out of Hanukkah Obama is somehow showing his commitment to Israel?

Does anyone support this idiot any more?

December 8, 2011

More evidence that the Democrats just do not care about the rules.

Every year in November a Holiday Folk Fair is hosted at Horlick High School in Racine.

Recall people showed up at the event on 11-19 to set up a booth to collect signatures even though it has been made clear that signatures can not be collected on school property.

This is a letter from a Racine Unified Spokesperson in regards to a question about the incident.

The District does not allow recall signature collection on school property. On Nov. 19, unknown to District administrators, recall petitioners did arrive and set up a booth at the holiday fair. When the principal was made aware, she advised the petitioners that they were not allowed to collect signatures on school property and would have to leave. They did leave at that time.

I hope this answers your questions.

Stacy Tapp
Director of Communications & Public Information
Racine Unified School District

This is just another example of how the left is completely ignoring the rules.  They simply don't  care about doing things the right way.

Why do democrats hate jobs?

Just read the comments....  All their sniping and something happens to create jobs and they hate and demean.

I'm curious?

Why didn't the worst State Senator in Wisconsin want to do this while Jim Doyle was in charge?

She knows this is D.O.A.

December 6, 2011

Rules shouldn't apply......

... to liberal elitist snobs.

Union Thugs....

It is time to start calling the occupy people what they really are, union backed thugs.  All they have done is re-branded their usual class warfare anti-business schtick.

The media knows it but they are playing along.  How truly sad.

Recal goon behaving badly in Racine

The Journal Times is absent..... 

Who's behind Occupy DC?

Obama's favorite union.

Congratulations Ohio!

You voted for the unions, let the firings commence.

On 1-1-12 Un-Occupy America, I won't be there!

December 5, 2011

Official reaction from the Bears to Brett Favre's offer to unretire (again)

If you are not reading Scofftoonz....

You should be.

MRQ mildly sacrilegious

qualified to work at Wally World  Kate
you are a fool Patrick.
one big bug.  Owen
doing the cartoons.  Elliot
perfectly functional porcelain thrones  OrbsCorbs
on de wrong feet.  Bussorah.
mildly sacrilegious  Trog
Don't get excited.  Kevin
exploding tofu  Dan

can I borrow your "toy" 

showing its evil.  Patrick

acting like a doofus.  Jim

invoked the ass   Franf

tasteless jokes.  Gravelle

spreading rumors Kate

at WalMart Cindy

drink to man up.  Tom

Recall Snotfaces Dipity

The Sky Isn't Falling?

I blame Scott Walker.

Guess the number.

101,119, the actual cost of the items in the 12 Days of Christmas. 

Mr. Pelican Pants does it again.