November 18, 2011

CRG of Racine proposes a whole new City Govt.

Racine could follow Sandy Springs, GA  With a whole different Government. and spend 43% less!

Before you sign a recall petition you may want to check this out!!

Facts about how the ACT 10 legislation is already working!!

And this is just about the schools without looking at the other areas that the legislation has benefited our state.

What is the reason for the recall? I challenge every person asking for recall signatures to do some honest soul searching about what they are doing.

I know that's a stretch to expect that level of common sense and honesty from Lefty Zealots but it's worth a try.

This makes no sense.

So......  They are going to file charges against a loony tune for trying to assassinate the President for firing a couple of bullets at the White House.

Charges, yes.  But how can they charge him for trying to assassinate Obama when he was half a world away?

This has to be the absolute worst assassination attempt of all time.

Oh, by the way, the Occupiers held a moment of silence in this nut's honor....

So Obama supports the group that supports the nut that tried to kill him even though he wasn't in the same hemisphere...  Makes sense.  (To an Occupier maybe)

Caitlin Haycock vanishes from Facebook.

First the post where Caitlin Haycock bragged about signing the walker recall petition disappears... Now Caitlin Haycock's profile has disappeared.

Yep, that's what innocent people do, erase all the evidence.....

Paging Mr. Chism, paging Mr. John Chism.

61 less deputies in Milwaukee County....

Funny, Chris Abele could find money for domestic partner benefits....

I don't recall him running on a platform of massive cuts to the Sheriff's department.

Milquetoast, a very timid, unassertive, spineless person, especially one who is easily dominated or intimidated.

Also see Barrett, Tom.

How do you get a big fat government loan?

Write a big fact check to the Greenie in Chief.

In Flynn's Milwaukee.....

Apparently you can get away with just about anything.

November 17, 2011

Recall Fraud.

I sent this in today to the Recall Integrity Center.  I am sure there is a lot of cheating like this going on.  This post has since been scrubbed.

"gouging public school funding" = .004%

In the Journal Sentinel editorials today there is a letter written by a typical screaming liberal out of Watertown.  Among the ridiculous charges made the writer they say that Governor Walker and the Republicans are "gouging public school funding"

Do these people have any idea what they are talking about?

In year over year state aid the Watertown district went from $23,526,123 of state aid in the 2010-2011 budget to $20,629.250 in the 2011-2012 budget.

That creates a difference of $2,896,873.

Two million of that was made up by asking employees to pay for a portion of their insurance and pension costs due to the Governor's reforms. 

The local tax levy was increased by $311,013.

The Watertown district made additional cuts of $393,000 by eliminating 2 positions and making marginal small cuts to various programs.  (1 custodial position, 1 alcohol abuse coordinator, no teachers!)

This all adds up to an overall cut of $192,860 out of  a total budget of $47,571,039.

So I guess we now know the meaning of "gouging" to a liberal, 4 tenths of one percent.

It seems every time you do the math the heavy breathing and over-blown rhetoric of Wisconsin liberals just doesn't equal reality.

We should also mention that the letter writer doing the complaining is an elementary school teacher with a total compensation of $105,000

Sources: Watertown Daily Times, Wisconsin DPI

November 14, 2011


MRQ I am not running for president

moving forward   Kate
the whole point is sameness  Ann
push their button   Patrick.
I want a DOER!  ALa
Don't major it puppetry.  Owen   (Good advice)
Free bus trips  Dad29
Film at 11  Silent E
very culturally insensitive  Trog.
Get off my lawn  Trog.
It was embarrassing.  Elizabeth
more convoluted  Cindy
Hell of a lot better ... than Aaron Rogers   Dan
I am not running for president  Wigdy  (Finally he makes a decision)
he pinched my ass   Denis
a whole lot of prostituting  Cindy
burst into flames.  Egg
drunk on power   Beth
I did not moon the deputy.  Scoff


sharing a bottle.  Anne

#WeCantWait Dipity

A Fish Oil Infomercial.  Tom

got hooked.  Pete

5 shots.  Patrick

unbearable CFR

forgets to wear panties.  WebWit

more often than a ten dollar hooker.  Chicks

Razor. Sharp. Kindness.  Aaron

a stupid question.  Wigdy

I don't really feel like playing.  Franf

Tastes like cough medicine.  Jessica

wearing Crocs.  Carrie.

soaked in alcohol.  Cindy.

Obama-nomics at work!!

More big donor payback by the Emperor!!

$433,000,000 for experimental smallpox drug that might not work and probably is not needed in the first place, but the Emperor has to payback his fat cat donors with our tax dollars.

Why do the occupiers hate mass transit?

What'd the bus do to them?

I don't say this often enough....

I agree with Owen.  Please go read Owen's excellent take on the Scott Walker recall.

I'll add one item.  Watch for kids passing recall petitions, it is illegal but the left will use their kids to get signatures.  Petitions must be circulaed by persons of age to vote and the petition must be circulated by the signer of each page.