November 12, 2011

Our Tax Dollars at Work!!

Will the Emperor's handiwork ever end?

Millions wasted on an airport built for the needs of now deceased Rep. Murtha. 20 people per day fly out of this airport and we subsidize those flights with $100 of tax dollars for each of their tickets. Then to add insult to injury the Emperor has granted an additional $800,000 to make more "badly needed improvements"!!

November 11, 2011

State Senator Van Wanggaard at the Racine TEA Party balanced budget forum on 11-9-11

Thanks Famous Dave!

Thanks Famous Dave's! Mrs. Dooley & I found ourselves on the South side of Milwaukee around dinner time and stopped into Famous Dave's for supper. They were giving away 2-meat combo dinners to all veterans, free of charge. THANKS FOR SUPPORTING OUR TROOPS!

We could over hear them swapping stories at the bar, brothers in arms.

Pass the wilbur beans.

Mayor shows her distain of our Veterans

This Mayor is another example of what's wrong in our country. She chooses to honor a group of IDIOTIC protesters with no clue about why they have the right to protest in the first place, instead of honoring our veterans who fought and continue today to fight for the protection of that very freedom.

She is a disgrace to her office and to the community she supposedly leads!

We interrupt regular programming for this important test of the national broadcast alert system

And these people think they can run health care?

Thank You.

A few occupy links.

The only thing these idiots are not occupying is sanity.

Even Berkely is sick of them.

Free Speech?  Not for the occupiers.

Breaking an EMT's leg.... Classy.

Drugs?  Oh yeah.

TB? they got that too.

Portland says, get out.

F*** F*** F*** F*** !!!!

Get that network camera-dude!

Your blood is our paint...

Zuccotti lung.

Gimme your weed, BLAM!

Yeah, that's gonna get paid....

How about some arson?

Anti-semitism again?  Sure, why not.

Remember folks, Barack (censored) Obama identifies with this human debris.

November 10, 2011

Brett Healy of the MacIver Institute at the Racine TEA Party balanced budget forum on 11-9-11

Typical Biased Journal Times.

The Journal Times is out with their biased ridiculous report of the Balanced Budget Forum held last night by the Racine TEA Party and Americans for Prosperity.

I have already posted the videos of Congressman Ryan, I'll post the vids of Senator Wanggaard and MacIver's Brett Healy once they are uploaded.

Surprisingly the SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! crowd took a pass on this event.  There was a grand total of one left-wing pro-union crank in the crowd and take a guess what one person the Journal Times quoted in their story?  You guessed it, the left-wing pro-union crank.

The absolutely horrible Stephanie Jones couldn't get to him fast enough at the end of the event.  I saw her talk to no one else and then she makes a ridiculous tie-in to the Democrats attempt to recall the Governor.  This wasn't a recall event, it was a forum to discuss a balanced budget amendment.  I guess Steph just wants to tell her story, not what actually happened.

This month has been planned over a period of months and the Journal Times reporter couldn't even bother to seek out any of the event organizers for comment.  Yet they somehow found space to give a shout out to the recall effort.

How very typical of a left-wing reporter from a leftist newspaper.

Paul Ryan at the Racine TEA Party Balanced Budget Forum

November 8, 2011

Guess the numbers.







Gloria Alred's Political Giving.

$26,433 since 1982 all give to (D)s.

I'm just sayin.

November 7, 2011

Our President.

Is a complete disgrace.....

This idiot can not be out of office soon enough.

MRQ contributing to emotional depression

Oh!  Althouse
How long?  Patrick.
a happy development.  Owen
Sexually harrased.  Steve
A total tool.  Kevin
  • …time to roll out Rosie O’Donnell in the steel bikini. Smitty
The previous three MRQs are courtesy of the Troglopundit.
contributing to emotional depression  Trog
need a recount  Wigdy
some good action soon.  Joanna
Professional undie-bunchers  Scoff
a messy opinion related moment Cindy
Shake Yo' Ass  Chad

bash me.  CFR

polished off the scotch.  Franf

LOVE my Gov Gailann

prevent the hard   Pete

NOT CUTE! Patrick

that white hair coming out from your nose.  Jim.

Beer later.  Kevin

doughnutbutt   Sara

152939041  WebWit

too exciting.  Pierre

*cough* Tammy

Enough already Craig.

Occupy the Occupiers....

With lice.

How invested are the (D)s in the unions?

So much so that non-union hotel workers are being displaced for their convention.

Why do Democrats hate non-union workers?

Shut Up and eat your nanochips

"Smart" technology is enabling a grand scheme of data collection and citizen tracking to create a world of unimaginable privacy invasion and tweaking of the most minute details of people's everyday lives. People in both political parties have been involved in this push towards a brave, new world, with the communications industry eagerly coming up with new applications for a comprehensive wireless monitoring infrastructure. Supporters of this massive shift cite convenience, safety controls and climate change improvement as benefits of hooking everybody up to the system. But do they know what kind of monster they are enabling?

I am not making this up. See the chronology and analysis at The PPJ Gazette. And yes, nanochips are slated to go into our food supply. So, are you going to shut up and eat your nanochips like good girls and boys, or start resisting this "smart" vision as flawed and dangerous?