November 4, 2011

Bye Jesse!

Can you take some more nutballs with you?

Caption This.


So they are still trying to fix Greece but I want to make a comment about the big European financial settlement. 

In short it boils down to forcing banks to forgive half of Greece's debt and giving them billions in subsidies to keep them going from various sources.

Did anyone else notice a glaring issue with this?

No where is Greece asked to change the big-government socialism that caused their problem in the first place.  In short, all this "solution" does is delay the inevitable.

Banks, forever the bad guys in the socialists eyes take one in the shorts again as well for issuing credit to socialists.  How silly of them to expect socialists to keep their promises.

Guess The Number Game


UPDATE: From an article on the failure that was Cash for Clunkers...

But it wasn’t like everyone was trading in an old Chevy Suburban for a hybrid. Among all vehicles bought during the program in July and August, “the average fuel economy was only 0.65 miles per gallon better than it would have been among newly purchased cars had the program never existed.”

4th graders taken to political protest.

The reactions are amazing.  (In a you have to be freaking kidding me sort of way).

Are you concerned that 4th graders are participating in a political protest on a field Trip?

Supernintendo says, "No"

Teacher in the middle of it says, "What political protest?"

November 2, 2011

Remember Jack Senzig? He's been reassigned to an Elementary School.

Jack Senzig is the radical teacher who posted these digusting images on his personal/political blog then linked to that blog with the website he used to communicate with his students at Gifford School in Racine.  (They have since been set to member only status)  Senzig was lashing out at the horror of having to contribute to his pension and health insurance.

Well hatred is apparently allowed in Racine Unified Schools as Senzig was just shuffled from Gifford to a new school, Red Apple Elementary. 

Well now I can tell you that parents at Red Apple are not thrilled with Senzig and his radical views now being reassigned towards their children.

As a part of their pro-union stance the Journal Times took a pass on this story initially.  Will they ignore the outrage of parents at Red Apple Elementary having such a radical individual being assigned to teach grade school kids?  Will they ask why Senzig wasn't fired?  We have a radical teacher, who cancelled school events so he could go protest that posted hideous hateful images on his website and the Racine newspaper didn't think that there was a story worth telling there? 

I wish the Red Apple parents well as they decide what their next step should be.  I would certainly encourage them to bring their concerns to school administrators and the beaurocrats at their new offices on Mt. Pleasant (only slightly over budget).   I'm sure they could find a new school to transfer 'ole hateful Jack to.

Prominent Progressive Liberal says - Capitalism is Dead

Another attempt by far-far-far left to set the agenda for the occupy-anywhere crowd.

And as usual - when asked what we should replace it with? The answer is "DUH - I don't know, but it will come about on it's own if we just keep our stupid movement going and occupy-anywhere until something happens" (my paraphrase of his comments).

November 1, 2011

Climategate II.

They're hiding data they don't like again.


My friend Carrie's daughter is missing.  This is the info Carrie posted on Facebook.

This is my 17 year old daughter, Arianna Rose Huhn. She has been missing since Wednesday evening. We have been working with the Sheboygan Police Department. If you have any information, please contact them at 920.459.3333


Thank you Governor Walker for saving us from this fate....

Faster than a speeding bullet train, the cost of the state's massive high-speed rail project has zoomed to nearly $100 billion -- triple the estimate given to voters and more than enough to run the entire state government for a year.

What's more, bullet trains won't be up and running until at least 2033, much later than the original estimate of 2020, although that depends on the state finding the remaining 90 percent of the funds needed to complete the plan.

The new figures come from a final business plan to be unveiled by the California High-Speed Rail Authority on Tuesday, though some of the details were leaked to the media, including this newspaper, on Monday. Officials at the rail authority did not respond to repeated requests for comment Monday.

Read the rest of this over-priced folly here.


Racine TEA Party Press Release.

Racine, WI – While some claim that the TEA Party movement has started to fade, the fact is throughout 2011, the grassroots activists have continued their hard work behind the scenes to further the agenda of fiscal responsibility. With 2012 right around the corner, the Racine TEA Party is ready to set the stage with the first of several events to be held in order to help generate a more informed and enthusiastic electorate.

The Racine Tea Party will hold a Balanced Budget Forum on Wednesday November 9th from 7:00pm to 8:30pm at South Hills Country Club.

The event will feature Congressman Paul Ryan, State Senator Van Wanggaard, as well as a presentation by Americans for Prosperity Foundation - WI and the MacIver Institute.  Racine TEA Party Lora Halberstadt states “We can not continue the failed policies of the current administration and expect our economy to recover anytime soon.  This event will leave people with a better understanding of the need we have for a balanced budget at both the federal and state level”.  

Nancy Milholland of Racine TEA Party says “Paul Ryan has continued to put forth a bold and honest approach towards solving our financial crisis. He’s telling the truth about the realities we face if we do not tackle our deficit”.

WHAT:  Racine Tea Party Balanced Budget Forum
WHERE: South Hills Country Club 3047 East Frontage Road Franksville, WI
WHEN: Wednesday, November 9, 2011 7:00pm-8:30pm

October 31, 2011

MRQ sheep running around the bar.


'Nuff said.  Kate

suddenly got sick.  Althouse

whack jobs.  Egg

purring in agony.  Trog

stunning ignorance.  Wigdy

bitch & moan Patrick

ridiculously strict  Owen

genetically modified submission agent  Denis

seen as the downtrodden.  Mary

nearly choked.  Lumberjack

hours in a motel room.  Kevin

over and over and over  Trog.

an amusing morning. Cindy

providing the equipment  Dan

Second Opinion – PRICELESS  Bussorah


I agree with Fred.  Pete  (Two weeks in a row)

wussing out   Patrick

Occupy a job.  Aaron.

a very kinky girl.  Tom

sheep running around the bar.  Franf

after a bender Chad

dressed up like Harry Potter  Fraley

"assaulting" workers.  Christian

utterly giddy.  Sean

Nom, nom...nommmmm!  Dipity

I want.  Holly

String 'em up.  CFR

emergency lunch.  Wigdy

in the mood to bitch  Anne.

More of your tax money....

More of your tax money disappears in a cloud of green smoke.