October 27, 2011

And just when I thought it was safe to be on North Slappey Blvd at 5 am...

The story is weird enough but do yourself a favor and read the comments.

The time is ripe for pumpkin rights

Protests against October "carving atrocities" are once again being planned by People Against Pumpkin Abuse (PAPA). Since I broke the seedy story in 2009, no Wisconsin legislator has spoken out on the issue. I wonder why.

Above: a scarred cucurbitacaea that failed to escape being captured and sold by humans

Richmond TEA Party wants a refund, and they deserve it.

This was in my email this morning, give 'em their money back

From the Baltimore Sun.

RICHMOND, VA (WTVR) - The Richmond Tea Party is asking the city of Richmond for its money back. They say they're not happy to hear that Occupy Richmond protesters get to stay in Kanawha Plaza - for free.

In April, the Richmond Tea Party held a Tax Day Rally in Kanawha Plaza. They say before they could use the city venue they were charged nearly $10,000 and had to comply with a series of usage forms and procedures.

Colleen Owens, a spokesperson for the Tea Party, says it's obvious the Occupy demonstrators are not being held to the same standard. "We followed the rules, we followed the law, we got all the permits, we paid all the fees, we had to jump through all the hoops that they asked us to."

Owens notes that the Tea Party "didn’t complain about it," but that now they're "sitting back and watching these Occupiers in Richmond and they’re basically camped out at Kanawha plaza." 

"And they’re not having to pay for the park, they’re not getting permits, they’re not paying for police, they’re not paying for port-o-potties, they’re not paying for emergency personnel," Owens says.

"Everything that we were required to do," she adds.

Owens says the Tea Party hopes to get an invoice into the Mayor's office this week and ask for a refund.
“It’s not fair, the City of Richmond’s picking and choosing whose First Amendment rights trump someone else’s First Amendment rights and we thought--well that’s fine--then they can refund our money," she says. 

"If that’s how they’re going to run the city then they owe us our fees back.”

Paid left wing organizers voting in Wisconsin.

Media Trackers has the details.  This is one of the ways the left cheats in Wisconsin.

Isn't it stunning how the local newspapers never ask any questions?

This one is classic folks.

The "Occupy" lunatics are angry....  The we want something for nothing crowd is upset because people are showing up at their camp expecting something for nothing.

October 25, 2011

Who's the biggest whiner?

Joe Biden or Michelle Obama?

I have to go with Michelle.  Who can't get along with Paula Deen?

If Ron Johnson was a (D) the story would be different.

Many bloggers have justifiably had their fun with Dan Bice's ridiculous column on a home purchase of Ron Johnson in DC.  Can you imagine how the rhetoric would have been different if there was a (D) after his name?

Johnson providing a green example.

Newly elected Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is breaking the traditional mold of Washington largess.  Senator Johnson recently acquired housing in DC and he is breaking the paradigm of the stogie smoking wasteful Washington politician.

Symbolically Senator Johnson is embracing the goals of the "Occupy" movement by giving of his own money and bypassing the traditional home mortgage cabal.  By making this financial sacrifice Johnson is also avoiding tax loopholes like the mortgage interest deduction ensuring that he will be paying his fair share.  Johnson will also be paying property taxes in both DC and Wisconsin which can of course be redistributed to our over-burdened government employees. 

Wisconsin's junior senator has purchased a town home within two blocks of his Senate office.  If you've ever been to DC you would be aware of the massive traffic problems.  All of the automotive exhaust created by DC commuters of course contributes to global warming.  Johnson made an eco-sacrifice to move into an area with higher property values in order to be able to walk or bike to his office.  In addition, Johnson's home provides easy access to DC's light rail program for when Johnson needs to get to the airport to get back to Wisconsin and serve his constituents.

In addition, Johnson chose to further minimize his carbon footprint by buying a townhouse.  Of course those living in such close quarters are living in a more environmentally friendly manner by not using as much of our precious and ever diminishing green space.

Senator Johnson's sacrifices should not be ignored by Wisconsin residents.  His actions provide a shining example of how to live in an environmentally friendly manner while denying Wall Street their ill gotten gains.  Our planet, Wisconsin and the valiant "Occupy" movement thank the Senator for his selfless sacrifices.

October 24, 2011

MRQ boorish and uncivil behavior

I was more excited ALa
boorish and uncivil behavior  Shark
I can't think of a simple thing I can do.  SER
not playing with a full deck  Kate
wussed out  Patrick
utterly rancid  Trog
I almost choked.  Dipity
another shady business  Scoff
put a condom on a banana  Elliot.


cheerleader chasing.  Sam

have everything tattooed  Chad

scared me  Carrie

drinking  CFR

holding out Franf

time with crayons Pete

from the sex to the drugs Dipity

geeks are watching.  Cindy

Scream! Scream!  Tom

happy ending.  Beth

God hates me.  Aaron

Worst cat fart.  Jib

Caption Contest

DIFFICULTY - You may not use the word EXTERMINATE


McDonald's is launcing their own network.

I think we need to help them with some programming suggestions.

I'll start. 

A McTV Investigation, what exactly is in a McRib?


I've seen multiple posts today chiding Dan Bice for his seeming outrage over Senator Ron Johnson buying a house in DC.  Bice's story is ridiculous and just designed to fuel the flames of left wing hate, something Bice does very well.

I've found the outrage.

Senator Johnson reportedly paid about a million bucks for his new DC digs.  According to the real estate listing the property was listed at 1,095,000, the assessed value was $903,670 and the annual taxes on the property were $7,681. 

My property taxes on a home assessed at $159,000 in Racine are right at $3,900 a year, outrageous.

So,  to equal things out you have multiply the assessed value of my home by 5.68 times to equal the value of Senator Johnson's home.  5.68 times my property taxes is $22152.  In other words that would be the property tax payment on Senator Johnson's home if it was in Racine and assessed at $903,670.

DC - $7,681
Racine - $22,152

So there is your outrage, in Racine propery taxes would be $14.471 higher than they would in DC for a similar home.  I'm outraged that taxes here are so much higher than they are there, and Wisconsin libs still complain our taxes aren't high enough.

Of course the occupy idiots would decry Johnson for being able to afford such a home.  As far as I'm concerned if he can afford it good for him.  However, the tax inequality is stunning. 

The Emperor's jobs plan in action

At least the Emperor is helping get jobs for someone -- ILLEGAL ALIENS!! (sarcasm off) Anyone wanna bet next he will write an executive order to help get those same illegals the right to vote since they would now be "working people" in the US and they therefore "deserve a vote"?

"So once again the nation is confronted with an administration and Department of Homeland Security that continue to be suspicious of ex-military personnel, pro-life activists, evangelical Christians, and Tea Party members, but who feel comfortable rewarding criminal interlopers who infiltrate the nation's borders, some with malicious ill intent, with jobs that remain scarce for the law-abiding."


He don't need to stinking Congress.

What happens when you give communists money?

Chaos ensues.

H/T Cindy

Racine Police K-9 Fund Raiser

Beth from Racine Uncovered organized a fund raiser to help the City of Racine Police Department fund a new police dog.  The event was a rousing success.  See pictures here, here and here.

I'm curious, where was the Racine Journal Times on this?   The community comes together for a good cause with lots of publicity beforehand and the newspaper takes a pass?  With opportunities for pictures of dogs and cute kids? 

They must have had too hard a time finding a way to blame Governor Walker or something.


Dan Bice jumps on board the class warfare band wagon.

October 23, 2011


Enjoy the bye week.....

Senator Lasee takes on wind power for constituents

Senator Frank Lasee (R-De Pere) has called for a moratorium on wind turbines, responding to constituent complaints about health effects from having the structures nearby their homes. This senator clearly respects the people he represents, when it might be more comfortable to ignore their input, since the issue is considered to be controversial.

6-1, 2-1 Big Ten

A stunning disconnect., Racine Mayor John Dickert

These two articles appear in the Racine Journal Times today...

A bad deal? Despite warnings, Racine OK’d raises for public workers


State law’s ‘tools’ not enough for City of Racine, mayor says

Dickert used none of the tools made available to him, complains they are not enough, hands out big raises, increases spending by  $1.310,618 million, and still calls it a cut.

Still waiting on the 10-year plan.