October 21, 2011

Do you think Barack Obama can spell the word Iraq?

Imagine if Fox News had asked that question of Obama......


It was MSNBC and the question was asked about Herman Cain.

Wisconsin Public Service Commission's risky policies based on Global Warming

Did you know the Wisconsin PSC's policies promoting potentially unhealthy wind turbines (health effects being investigated by Senator Frank Lasee, R-De Pere) and their blessing on statewide installation of microwave transmitting utility meters are based on their belief in manmade caused global warming? You don't hear a lot about this, but it is worth some scrutiny, wouldn't you say?


If you go into a bank and yell "THIS IS A HOSTILE TAKEOVER" someone may think you are trying to rob that bank and you will probably get arrested.

When you do get arrested it is because you were an idiot, not because of your skin color.

October 17, 2011

MRQ lifts and separates

I've been naughty.  Cindy
to the bottom.  Owen
encouraging violence.  Mary 
I miss "Huzzah!"  AWL

greedy little snots.  Owen

the absurdity of people.  Deekaman

the iClod.  Gravelle
can be bought.  Trog
I blame Obama  Dan
Those things all look alike to me  Mr. Pterodactyl.
put me down.  Patrick.
always a reason to riot  Sandra
you can almost imagine that they're screaming  Lance
I am officially old  Cindy
officially a girl scout!  Jimi
the curse that leads to the misery  Franf
used to make napalm  Christian
bitter about the end  Wigdy
I would have gotten out today  Tom
Buying sticks  Dipity
as a toy at 3:00 a.m.  CFR 
lifts and separates  Chad

"Anti-American socialism on parade."

So sayeth the Nuge...  And he is right.