September 30, 2011

Abele lied. Shame Shame Shame

I do not recall Chris Abele running for Milwaukee County Executive mentioning a 22% reduction in the Sheriff's department budget.

I expect the occupation of the Milwaukee County courthouse to begin any minute now.  I am sure Segway Boy and Pink Slip Boy are rushing to Milwaukee to register their outrage. 

Surely teachers will be marching in solidarity with the Sheriffs department employees who will face this attack on the middle class!

Busloads of union brethren from across the country are en route to Milwaukee from across the country.

Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow and MSNBC will be broadcasting live from the Courthouse steps.  (Contessa Brewers can give them directions)

Lee Holloway will be leading his Fellow County Board members to Illinois as a means to give the people time to digest this outrageous attempt to shove the will of Abele down their throats!

Lena "Don't You Know Who I Am?" Taylor and Christopher "Are You Going To Pay For That?" Larson will be on every local new cast tonight decrying the County Exec's lack of concern for the safety and well being of the people.  They'll also be sending out fund raising letters based on Abele's assault on the people.

Mike Tate and Graeme Zilenski will of course be issuing press releases by the truck load.

Wisconsin Jobs Now will be leading the shouts of SHAME SHAME SHAME!

Scot Ross and One Wisconsin Now will no doubt be shouting their rage from the rooftops.

Oh wait, Abele is a (D)? 

Never mind.

New Neumann campaign, same tactics.

I had hoped Mark Neumann would be a different candidate for Senate than he was for Governor…
It would appear he intends to run the same kind of campaign.
Neumann sent out a fund-raising email on Wednesday under the header of National Tea Party Alert, implying of course that the TEA party supported his message.
Neumann played the victim card claiming to be the next target of the unions in Wisconsin citing their bad behavior in Madison and made a plea for money to fight them and the most liberal member of the House, Tammy Baldwin.
Neumann can claim what he wants of course but in my humble opinion it is bad form to claim victimhood status from the unions and the left-wing apparatus before they actually do attack him.
My larger issue is with National Tea Party Alert dot com and why Neumann is affiliating himself with them.  Who are they?  No one really knows.  It would appear that the domain was purchased out of the Bill Hudack for Congress campaign.  (Massachusetts)   What this group does is maintain a large database that is used for marketing in political campaigns. 
If you go to their website (I STRONGLY ADVISE THAT YOU DO NOT GO TO THEIR WEBSITE) the only option available is to give them your information to join their mailing list.  If you do choose to go to their site your computer will be attacked with malware and viruses.  You can find a mailing address for the group but no phone number or email address to contact them.  It appears all the National Tea Party Alert does is capture information to sell to political campaigns.
Another interesting thing that happened is when I tried to send out a few emails enquiring about National TEA Party Alert dot com (As a link, not spelled out) my emails were blocked and labeled as SPAM and as having been reported as a nuisance.  If you spell it out instead of sending a link email goes right out as normal.
I’ve been involved with the TEA party since its inception and this, my friends, is not the TEA party; this is a group pretending to be affiliated with the TEA party in order to sell a product (political mailing lists). 
The TEA party is a grass-roots effort calling for a smaller, smarter and more fiscally responsible government.
In his last election Mark Neumann claimed the overwhelming support of the TEA party from winning a straw poll of 21 people.   If Neumann wants to win the support of the TEA party in this Senate election affiliating with phony TEA party groups like National TEA Party Alert dot com won’t win him much support.
I understand Mark Neumann went to a TEA party once but by affiliating with this group and their shady practices he is clearly showing that he does not understand the TEA party though he desperately wants their support.  He would be better served in that capacity to pick up the phone and reach out to some TEA party leader s instead of trying to sponge off of all of their good work in a sleazy fund-raising campaign through a sleazy outfit..

(For the record, if you click the link above you will also find Rick Perry is using this group, shame on him as well)


The new Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele (D) is cutting funding for paramedics and sheriffs...

Outrage from Capper and Milwaukee County First?  Folkbum?  Blogging Blue?


I'm not surprised.

Talk about your lake effect...

View more videos at:

You can't take the sky from me: for Professor James Miller

UW-Stout over-reacted to Professor James Miller's provocative posters on his office door.

"Bless You", NOT IN MY CLASS!!!!!!

This idiot should be fired.

Our schools dfon't have any money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not so much.

September 28, 2011


A moment of honesty from the hate left.

This from Folkbum:

There was a time when I actually enjoyed blogging, I will admit. At this point, the idea of trying to explain to stupid people how stupid they are has lost its allure, if you can believe that.
There you have it folks, if you don't think the way he does you are stupid.  If you hold a differing philosophy you are stupid.  If you believe in individual exceptionalism instead of union group think you are stupid.

How very small.  And this fine example of tolerance is a teacher.  I feel sorry for the young conservative in his classroom.

I'll provide a moment of honesty as well.  When I started this blog I hoped it would be a place where people of all views could come together and discuss issue civily.  I've seen people from left and right who could not be civil.   Everytime I ask someone from the right to tone it down they comply.  Everytime I ask someone from the left to tone it down I get %5E&#*(!)^!*$^$&(%!^!(%.  

People like Folkbun have no interest in civil discussion you see because if you disagree with him you are stupid.

September 27, 2011

Just what our country needs.....

A whole new level of frivolous lawsuits from the worst President ever.....

After all democrats need victims.

Trial lawyers don't donate to democrats do they???????? 

What in the name of gouda?!?

For cryin' out loud, don't these do-gooders know this is Wisconsin? 

Now they are attacking cheese jobs.  I suggest everyone go out for some cheese curds tonight.  Support Wisconsin cheese and send the whiners Packing....

Whine, Cheese, Packers, get it?

Don't forget to tip your waitress.

Smart Meter snaffu: they do not save energy

Does your wireless smart meter make you feel like you're saving the planet? Uh oh, time to get the facts. These devices simply do not save energy as touted. Remove that benefit, and you have a system of radiation pulsing devices communicating our every habit to whomever collects all that nice data to use however they want, and set-up rate changes to try to influence our behavior.

These useless, dangerous devices were partly paid for by our tax money in stimulus smart grid program payments to the states. Updating the grid is one thing, but it should not mean opening people's lives to scrutiny and radiation they do not want in their own homes. Period.

I admit this is my pet issue, but who else is on it? Unless enough people come to understand the waste of the smart grid snaffu and do something about it, we will all pay for it.

Obama, "I want my MTV"

MTV, no thanks.

Why does Obama hate shovel-ready jobs?

Because the enviro-left says so.

They should have a bake sale at UW Madison.

Pay-by-race bake sale at Berkeley...

Batting Stance Guy on the NL MVP Race (quirks)

Small rail project almost doubles in cost...

All of those who are surprised please form a line to the left....

September 26, 2011

MRQ to paint a rosy picture in the midst of sewage

super-glue his flip flops  Doug.
the bartender was crushed SER
he farted Orbs Corbs
rampant redundancy  Trog
sometimes I want a Big Mac  bussorah
to paint a rosy picture in the midst of sewage  Steve
Makes me Happy.  Kate
I DID ask his permission  CFR
Time to party.   Kevin
to the point of derangement  Peter
viewed as nefarious  Mike
Kinda creepy.  Wigdy
sober or drunk, your choice Shoebox
the redistribution of wins  Boyd
Hide me.  Patrick.
SO fake!   CFR
Nobody loves me.... boooohoooooohooooooo.......  Ric
this is continuous improvement  Frank
waiting to be carved  Chad
getting that image out of your head  Carrie
GO footballteamfrommystate!  Dipity
more than a slight resemblance  Schimming.
cannibalism averted  Wigdy
an adult film star who went to my Alma Mater.   Michael.
promises from "Peggy." Cindy
 burning my retinas  RDW

Buy the pink slip.

There are a little less than 5 hours left in the ebay auction for Wisconsin's most famous pink slip...

The current high bid is $202.50.  BID!

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