August 25, 2011

Who "won" the Wisconsin recalls?

There has been talking points on both sides of this question.  The GOP kept control ultimately of the Senate chamber and they really did well in the Darling seat where the Dems thought they could steal a seat.  But to their creidt they did pick up 2 seats.  But rather depend on "Spin" and my analysis..I would suggest you look     HERE Where the Huff Post talks with Richard Trumpka, the head of the Unions.  Where they have decided to dramatically change the way they work with campaigns.  Looks like Walker won!  

August 24, 2011

"Smart Grid Slavery" coming our way?

Maybe, if people can be trained to comply.

Movie Quotes

How many can you get without Googling?
  • kinda funny lookin'     Fargo
  • Hey, you get your damn hands off of her!  Back to the future!
  • Their brains are intact, as much as they were before the accident anyway.  Days of Thunder
  • Why is it people who want the truth never believe it when they hear it?   Yentl
  • I want my cake!  Creepshow
  • you couldn't hear a dump truck driving through a nitroglycerin plant  National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.
  • Confronted with their true selves, most men run away screaming!  The Never Ending Story.
  • You go to Utah, you stay in Utah.  Fletch
  • You're really happening in a far out way.  The Brady Bunch Movie.
  • That is a mans head.  Wild Wild West
Not bad, ya'll got 8 out of 10.  We'll play this again next week.

Caption This.

5 wins on a 7 game road trip?

I'll take that all the way to the playoffs.

Whenever 8 liberals gather with signs, the Journal Times will be there....

So eight angry liberals have been protesting the Kenosha office of Paul Ryan over a lack of jobs.  As usual the Journal Times dutifully jumps to cover the event.

They even mention Wisconsin Jobs Now, a left wing outfit behind much of the negative campaigning in the recent recalls without bothering to mention that fact.

What the Journal Times didn't ask was the obvious question...

Wouldn't it be a more productive use of your time to actually look for and apply for jobs instead of protesting?  Do you expect someone to take pity on you and crash your protest and offer you a job?

I guess with 99 weeks of unemployment benefits to count on you can take your time finding a new job.

I hear the unions are hiring protesters.  At least you have experience, but I hear there are no benefits and the union doesn't pay very well.

Oh the humanity!

Swiped from ALa

August 22, 2011

MRQ we know where The TrogloPundit gets it

"too many" yard-sales Dad29
a bit delusional Owen
releasing balloons Wigdy
really, really hard Mr. Pterodactyl
one helluva recaller recaller recaller recaller recall Scoff
quite powerful Dan.
Pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffftttttttttttt! Peter
you belong in prison CFR
totally worth your time. Trog
made in Canada lumberjack
we know where The TrogloPundit gets it Steve
Can't touch this Doug
I disagree with everything he does Elliot
It ain't all that hard... CFR
Waldo in drag. Kathleen
about to get naughty Jib.
Squirrels in my pants! Aaron
you're blocking the TV Patrick
in rather a foul mood Pete
My brain is a cynical Dipity
crawl up your butt Frank
Have I mentioned today how excited I am Tammy
my fertility Christian
crisis to crisis w/ remote in hand Cindy
I aint niver seed nobody do it Tom
I need to slap someone Wit
I'm thinking cocktails tonight...... Ric

Who should be the GOP nominee?

I believe the person who should be the GOP nominee should be the person that Barack (Censored) Obama would dread running against the most.

That person is Paul Ryan.

Everytime those two have clashed Ryan has been the victor.  Ryan has the calm demeanor and the ability to articulate the issues facing is in a calm way that people can understand.

Obama would bring harsh partisan rhetoric, Ryan would bring cool logical reasoning. 

If Ryan runs I believe he wins the nomination and he assumes the office in January of 2013.