August 19, 2011

A note from the Department of the Obvious on the big Feingold news.

So the super hero of the far left has made an announcement  that he will seek no elected office in 2012.

I must say I am surprised that he is not running for the senate seat current held by Herb Kohl.  I've been predicting all along that after Feinie lost that Kohl would retire and Feingold would run for that seat.

Oh well two out of three predictions right are not bad.

Here is the obvious point that so far I have not seen anyone make...

This announcement comes three days after the end of recall madness?  Is that timing coincidental?  Nope.

There is hardly anyone who was more in the pockets of the unions than Russ Feingold, public or private sector Feingold was a top ten recipient of union cash from every sector. 

Feingold is smart enough to realize that the unions went all-in spending tens of millions in Wisconsin to take back some form of power in Wisconsin.  Feingold's union buddies lost in spectacular fashion.  No matter how much leftists want to claim some sort of victory politics are about power.  How much power did the democrats and their union masters gain in the recall effort?  None. 

Feingold knows that and he doesn't want to be on the losing end of another campaign so close after his spectacular defeat at the hands of Ron Johnson.

So Feingold will try and take the high road and say he has important work to do at his PAC (while simultaneously complaining about special interest money, can you say hypocrisy?). 

In short Feingold knows that Wisconsin does not want him back in the senate and that Wisconsin wants Scott Walker as the Governor.

If he thought he could win, he'd run.

I used to respect NASA.

They have become a complete joke.

August 18, 2011

Judge Dennis Barry Found Dead in Lincoln Park area.

Judge Dennis Barry, arguably the most conservative Judge in Racine County in the past 20 years was found  dead in his vehicle.  It doesn't appear to be a Traffic incident.  The early suspicion is that foul play is involved.  A flatbed has been called to take the vehicle from the scene. The Crime Scene Investigators are crawling all over the place.  Earlier suspicion that his wife or someone else were victim's, appear to have been incorrect.  More info to follow..  JTimes has part of the story additional info at RU.  Updated at 1:00  Police say no suspicion of foul play at this time. Updated @2:00.  The medical examiner has confirmed this is a self inflicted gunshot wound.  RIP Judge Barry.  Whatever may have tortured your mind.

Guess the number game



WEAC spent $2,500,000 on lobbying from 2009-2010.  I am sure all of that advocacy spending direct towards democrats is conforting to those that have lost their jobs due to revenue issues.

Remember when the left went absolutely ballistic on Andrew Breitbart for supposedly taking something out of context?

Ladies and gentlemen, MSNBC and Ed Schultz.

The outrage from the left?  Absent.  I guess Media doesn't Matter when it is a leftist clown like Ed Schultz.


So the new administration bumper sticker slogan for preventing terrorist attacks is "If you see something, say something."

Right. SOMEONE should have raised a red flag over Nidal Hassan, right?
Oh, wait, he wasn't white so it didn't make sense.

Their slogan should include "...unless its not PC enough."

What a joke.

August 16, 2011

Obama: I have it tougher than Abe Lincoln...

Seriously? This guy is out of his freaking mind.

May the force be with us tonight.

Get your Plushdamentals....

Free to the first 30,000 fans on 9-9-11 vs. the Phillies?  Honey can we go?

Poll Workers don't show up in Kenosha to work! Election news

This seems to be a Dem/ Lefty tactic.  The Dems set this district up to have a "problem". So later this evening they will ask a Judge to extend the hours at this site.  In which case, the left will fill busloads of people who will show up in line before the time, and they will vote in the names of people who haven't yet voted in this district!  Shameful!  They always pull something when they  think they are losing narrowly!  Someone should be there to challenge every late voter!

Downtown BID President Harassing His Neighbors?

CRG of Racine story here!

Downtown BID using his potential tenants to spy and harass his business owner neighbors in an attempt to get them ejected from 6th Street.  Why is this Business Improvement District president using his tenants for espionage and sabotage?  Don't we want to help downtown businesses? Or only the "right" kind of business? Is he also going after the Cup of Hope? Sanders Paint, Flowers by Walter?

Ryan 2012?

This could change things if true.

Our long national nightmare is over!

Uncle Jay is back from his summer vacation!

Caption This

H/T Steve

August 15, 2011

MRQ down right appalling.

down right appalling Kate
going with answer “B.” Patrick
crushed to death by a horde of Glee fans Denis
try to pet a Polar Bear Owen
pound it in Doug
act like a victim Elliot
came out looking good and swinging Ken
all manner of temper tantrums CFR
just plain stupid. Dan
we all have to have our fantasies kate
if I wore a thong it would pop and hurt alot of people Boyd
No vuvuzela honking Fraley
sitting naked. Michael
deep fried stick, on a stick Aaron
a basis in reality Patrick
TRYING to push my buttons CFR
gives me the itchies Dipity
Musta been a mousal slip Ric
my hormonal bitch thang CFR
dangerously stupid. Lou

Hey Steitz already won!

Look at this hit piece from the left...

Apparently it is already Senator Steitz.


H/T Mr. P

I have to ask.

If WEAC had not been spending so much money on advocating for Wisconsin Democrats would they have needed to lay off so many people?

And now we start to see the truth about what this was all about, allowing state employees the choice on being in a union or not.  I take no pleasure in people losing their positions.

Wouldn't it be great though to legislate that a select group of people had to use your product and then have the government collect the payment for that product and pass it along to your business? 

Now imagine the organization that got that incredible deal regularly gave a percentage of that payment back to one political party in order to ensure that they protected this unethical business model as long as it was possible. 

Can you imagine the outrage from that political party when that campaign gravy-train was threatened?  Why they might be so mad that they would leave the state in protest! 

When is it ok to attack a blogger?

When a liberal attacks Ann Althouse.

Liberal lunatic Jay Bullock lays the blame on Ann Althouse for an assault on her.  I "borrowed" this from Mr. Wigderson's Facebook page.

This one decides to attack blogger Ann Althouse for no apparent reason. By the way, are the Capitol Police worthless or what? (About 6:45 into this video.) The incident happens about 4:00 minutes in on this video. What is it about the left freely tossing around the word, “retarded?”

Jay Bullock It's kind of remarkable how the solidarity singers have no trouble on days Althouse isn't there ...
Saturday at 5:03pm ·

  • James Wigderson It's kind of remarkable how you're willing to excuse any behavior as long as they're on your side.
    Saturday at 5:07pm ·

  • Jay Bullock I'm not excusing the behavior. But the Solidarity Singers have been doing their thing for six months and, to my memory, twice have the police been called. Both times Althouse was there. That says more to me about Althouse than it does about the "protestors."
    Saturday at 5:14pm ·

  • James Wigderson We know that's not true. Should we blame the Solidarity Singers for the balloon popping incident? They seem to be the real common denominator, and (as I like to point out) they don't even have a permit for their protest that disrupts the Capitol daily.
    Saturday at 5:17pm ·

  • James Wigderson But it's good to know, Jay, that because someone has had an issue of violence directed against them twice (by your count) they're apparently asking for it, in your opinion.
    Saturday at 5:19pm ·

  • Jay Bullock No, what I'm saying is that Althouse goes to the Capitol for the express purpose of provoking attacks against her. The video she posted--after editing it herself!--shows her poking a camera in a guys face and his backing off repeatedly until he gets tired of it and pushes the camera. This guy "directed" violence against exactly zero people since February until Althouse stuck her camera in his face.
    Saturday at 5:21pm ·

  • Jay Bullock Should he have pushed her? No--that was a poor response. But come on, James, you're better than this.
    Saturday at 5:23pm ·

  • James Wigderson Give me a break, Jay. That's one of the stupidest things you have ever uttered, and you have some real doozies. "Stuck her camera in his face"? Jay, stop spinning. You're making yourself dizzy. He came over and attacked her.
    Saturday at 5:24pm ·

  • Jay Bullock James, did you even watch the video she posted? The guy keeps moving away and away and she keeps walking after him.
    Saturday at 5:31pm ·

  • Jay Bullock In the other video, Althouse has moved him so far back the attack is out of frame.
    Saturday at 5:35pm ·

  • Tom McMahon Evidently Jay has never been fortunate enough to own a video camera with a zoom feature.

  • Leave it to Mr. McMahon to lay down some common sense!


    We don't care about any stinking rules.

    So what do you think about Iowa?

    A co-worker asked me what I thought about the Iowa straw poll this morning.

    I told him I really don't have an opinion.  Do you?

    Then and now.

    Headlines last Monday:

    Republican Senate recalls tomorrow.

    Headlines today.

    JS Online: Mental Health reforms hit snags.
    Journal Times:  Others bid for Oasis.
    Appleton Post Crescent: Online predators taxing police resources
    Janesville Gazette: Coucil considers removal of Sheboygan Mayor.
    Kenosha News: Six vie for crown of 2011 Fairest of the Fair
    Oshkosh Northwestern: Wisconsin Democratic senators face recall this week.
    Green Bay Press Gazette: Local officials consider gun ban.
    Hudson Star-Observer:  A Grand Day: Long-time journalists are 2011 Pepper Fest Parade grand marshals
    LaCrosse Tribune: Obama heads to Cannon Falls.

    And this is why it was conpletely ridiculous for the Wisconsin Government "Accountability" Board to schedule these elections on different days. 

    The dutiful left wing press are not giving the Democrat recalls the same treatment.  Take in mind, these senators are being recalled for cause, hiding in Illinois and not doing their constitutionally sworn jobs for three weeks.

    Major kudos to the Oshhosh Northwestern for having an ounce of journalistic honesty.

    On a side note I did visit the Capital Times.  Those people are so invested in their liberalism it is amazing they don't have to register as a PAC.