July 22, 2011

Steven Spielberg... "I'm out of ideas."


Guess the number


This one is too easy.

Update: Jeremy Ryan's Segway nails it.  $1.3 billion, the amount US taxpayers lost on the Chrysler bail out. 

I thought Obama promised we would make money on that deal?  Oh well why would we expect the President to keep his word?

Wisconsin, tax hell.

Remember this the next time the democrats, press and unions (but I threepeat myself) tell you we aren't highly taxed.

States Where People Pay the Most (and Least) in Taxes

4. Wisconsin
Taxes paid by residents as pct. of income: 11%
Total state and local taxes collected: $41.7 billion
Pct. of total taxes paid by residents: 77.9%
Pct. of total taxes paid by non-residents: 22.1%
According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Wisconsin relies more on income and property taxes for its revenue than most states. In fact, both are approximately 25% higher than the national averages. The state receives a smaller portion of federal money than most others, leaving little room for this money to offset state spending. Worst still, taxes on industrial property owners rank among the bottom half, and often the bottom third, of the country, while residential taxes are among the greatest. According to a study by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, Wisconsin's middle class pays a bigger share of government spending than any other state, except for New York.

Just to confirm we are #4 on the highest taxed list, not the lowest taxed list.

By the way, Sarah Palin isn't the only reason the left hates Alaska.  Alaska was the lowest taxed state.

1. Alaska
Taxes paid by residents as pct. of income: 6.3%
Total state and local taxes collected: $18.8 billion
Pct. of total taxes paid by residents: 20.5%
Pct. of total taxes paid by non-residents: 79.5%
Alaskans have the lowest tax burden of any state in the country, paying just 6.3% of their income in state and local taxes. This is over one full percentage point lower than the state with the second smallest tax burden. According to the Tax Foundation, "Before the Trans-Alaska pipeline was finished in 1977, taxpayers in Alaska bore the second-highest tax burden in the country. By 1980, with oil tax revenue pouring in, Alaska repealed its personal income tax and started sending out checks instead. The tax burden plummeted, and now Alaskans are the least taxed." The state also levies no personal income tax or sales tax.

It appears that the way to lower taxes is to embrace BIG OIL...

How hot was it?

It was so hot...

You've probably already seen this...

But it is so good I'll show it here anyway!

I know where all the Wisconsin jobs are coming from.

These are all legal people to process all the lawsuits being brought forward by the Democrats.

July 20, 2011

So...... What's the Senate up to?

We have 2 weeks until the debt limit is reached...

The Senate hasn't bothered with a budget in two years...

Unemployment 9.2%....

Our bond rating is going down...

Iran is shooting down our drones...

Seems like the perfect time to take up gay marriage.

July 19, 2011

An American Tragedy....

In space.

Watch out for exploding concrete...

No, seriously.

Boba Fett?

Boba Fett?  Where?

Civility, like Hitler supported the Jews.

After reaching out to someone I found on Facebook that I had not seen in several decades I got the following response.

Good to "hear" from you. I am good. I am a teacher in the gloriious state of Wisconsin where we love our governor! He really supports education. Kinda how Hilter supported the jews! Hope you are well. tell me about your life!

Shortly after that response I got this:

Oh Shit! I just creeped on your wall. Do not tell me you are a Tea Bagger! Yikes man!

Is that what left wing teachers have degraded into?  Start out a conversation with someone you haven't spoken with in almost 30 years and you begin with a Hitler reference?  Is this seriously where we are? 
Let's get serious for a second, Hitler killed millions of Jews.  Scott Walker tried to save jobs.  His plan is working too except in places like Milwaukee where the union refused to negotiate which cost teachers their jobs.  The union, not the Governor.  But even if you disagree with that can't we all agree that comparing the man with Hitler is just ridiculous?

This is just a prime example of how many in the profession of perpetual outrage have lost all touch with reality.  Start a conversation with a Hitler joke and then turn around and call me a nasty name besides?  I guess there really isn't any tolerance or diversity allowed in this person's classroom. 

I won't name him or where he teaches, I really don't want this to be a personal attack.  It just never ceases to amaze me how those on the rabid left have zero tolerance for people who may disagree with their world view. 

I have several very good friends on the left side of the aisle, I value them more than I can express.  I respect them for being involved, informed and tolerant.  It is a shame that so many of those who share their ideology do not share their respect of intellectual diversity.

As to my old teacher friend.  I sent him a lengthy note a week ago catching him up on what we've been up to.  To date it has not been answered.

Didja Notice?

Last week Tuesday primary election day was all over the newspaper websites.

Today, not so much.  Good luck finding anything.

Well the Journal Times is doing their usual schtick,  Sen. Wirch primary today -- Remember photo ID, but if you forget it’s ok You'd think Wirch was on the ballot today wouldn't you?  He isn't.

There is a reason the left wanted the partisan elections on different days, you are witnessing it.

Hot outside?

July 18, 2011

Green Jobs Fail.


Fill in the blank

It is so hot ________________________________

MRQ Not. Touchin. That.


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Drink, drink, drink! Patrick

give her another good cleaning Owen

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Obama’s Allowance Aaron.

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this would certainly slow me down Bussorah

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