July 14, 2011

Send Mike Tate the bill.

It is about the spending stupid.

As the left hyperventilates and forgets that Barack Obama himself voted against raising the debt limit in 2006 I think we should look at this in simpler terms.

2008 federal spending $2.9 trillion
2009 federal spending $3.1 trillion (plus 200 billion over prior year)
2010 federal spending $3.55 trillion (plus 450 billion over prior year)
2011 federal spending $3.82 trillion (plus 270 billion over prior year)

As you can easily see the federal government is growing exponentially faster than the economy.  The problem is that revenues are not increasing anywhere near as fast as spending is.  Hence, our debt is growing at ridiculous and unsustainable rates.

What Obama and Democrats want is to continue that trend.  They are promising cuts in 2013, after the next Presidential election and with a whole new Congress that may or may not  live up to those promises.  (Hint: they will not)

Additionally, even though Obama promised to extend tax rates for two years back in December he is now demanding that taxes be increased.  If Obama went back on his word from December why should anyone believe he will keep it in 2013?  (If he is still in office to keep it)

It is fairly simple to see here that what we have is a spending problem caused by the MASSIVE expansion of government spending.  The Democrat answer to that problem is to demand a new credit card and then trust that they'll curtail spending in a couple of years.

Frankly Obama's position is ridiculous.  Call his bluff?  He is going all in with 2 - 7 off suit.  (That one is for you SU)

The Republicans should go the House, pass their plan and explain this in simple terms to the people and then let Harry Reid and Barack (censored) Obama explain why they don't want to be responsible until sometime down the road. 

We've been there before, we've heard it would be fixed in the future.  That future is now.

Happy Birthday.

Guess the number game


So, Obama says, "Don't call my bluff."

The GOP should use this guy as their new negotiator.

July 13, 2011

Guess the Number Game

Here's one for Fred:


This is what leadership looks like

No wonder the left hates him, they prefer unelected boards wielding power rather than giving the people the opportunity to make their own decisions.

The left truly thinks they know better for us than we do for ourselves.

If Paul Ryan announced his candidacy for President he would be the front runner within a week.


Personal Note: The soldier killed by this terrorist was the nephew of one of our contributors, Golfing Grandpa.

From the Washington Times.

EDITORIAL: Arkansas jihad

Obama ignores the homegrown terror threat

An admitted jihadist who killed an American soldier on U.S. soil will be tried next week in Arkansas on a state charge of capital murder - not terrorism. This is odd, considering that the Obama administration recently went out of its way to bring a Somali-born jihadist into U.S. federal court to face terrorism charges for what he may have done overseas. Perhaps the White House thinks that if it turns a blind eye toward domestic Islamic terrorism, it won’t really exist.

Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad is a textbook case of homegrown terrorism. He was born Carlos Bledsoe in Memphis, Tenn., and converted to Islam at age 20. He was active in radical circles, traveled to the Middle East and married a Yemeni woman. In 2008, he was arrested in Yemen for a visa violation and was found to have counterfeit Somali identification documents. He was held in jail and interviewed by FBI agents but was allowed to return to the United States in 2009. He was interviewed once by the bureau upon his return but reportedly was not placed under surveillance.

On June 1, 2009, Mr. Muhammad allegedly opened fire on an Army recruiting station in Little Rock, Ark., killing Pvt. William Long and wounding Pvt. Quinton Ezeagwula, who were outside taking a break. Mr. Muhammad was picked up by police later that day; in his vehicle they found an SKS assault rifle, a scope, a laser sight, a silencer, two pistols and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. He said he was angry at the U.S. treatment of Muslims and involvement in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He wanted to kill as many service members as he could.

Read the rest here.

July 11, 2011

MRQ craving a jelly-filled donut

more dysfunction than Homer Simpson at a vegetarian picnic  Joanna

for the children.  Ann

break what isn't broken  Kevin

not quite Florence HendersonTrog.

did the Packers create more jobs than Obama last year?  Mike via Steve

Motorized couch.  ASIW

Flying show.  Buck

doin’ the polka  Kate

watch the fracas  Ann

pro wrestlers brandishing potato peelers lumberjack

black helicopters are flying over Waukesha  Wigdy


Mmmmmmmm.........   Ric

Form of Bulldozer Shape of Honey Badger!!!  James T

Space porn.  Gail

craving a jelly-filled donut  Cindy

screaming like a little girl  Keith

enjoying lunch twice   Aaron

makes me giggle. Jim

we are stupid  Patrick.

WHAT was I thinking???  CFR

butt broke off   Dipity

Big Labor spending millions to buy more Democrats.

Big Labor is trying to buy the Wisconsin Senate.

Will you stop them Wisconsin?

Demand based pricing?

Interesting concept.

July 10, 2011

Guess the number game.


UPDATE:  Lou nailed another one.  93,000, the national audience for the new and improved Keith Olbermann show.

You get 'em Keith.

Dooley's Smart?

Icky Bad

Caption This.

Luckiest squirrel on the planet.

What changed since December?

"Despite good-faith efforts to find common ground, the White House will not pursue a bigger debt-reduction agreement without tax hikes,"  John Boehner.

I remind you, in December the White House (Obama) agreed to a TWO YEAR EXTENSION of current tax rates.  Now he seems inflexible about a tax increase.

Why not remind the people of what Obama agreed to eight short months ago?  Why can't the President of the United States keep his word?

Additionally Obama needs to explain how taking more money out of the economy will help it.  (Hint: It won't)

We do not have a a tax revenue problem we have a spending problem.  POUND THAT POINT HOME FOLKS.