July 2, 2011

Guess the number? $79,819

Here's my first contribution to a guess the number. Might be too simple but it makes a point.

What a difference a (D) makes.

I'm in Peoria visiting Cyber Dad.  You should see the headlines here, the Governor is canceling raises to unions that were already negotiated, he is also making huge cuts in Medicare, education, etc.

Know what's absent?

The (D)s here don't care. 

You see its ok to do that sort of thing if you have a (D) after your name.

June 27, 2011

How many brain cells did this guy kill?

MRQ at a Godzilla convention.


I hate America. folkbum (we know Jay, we know)

integrity is worth about two grand Wigdy

think twice about engaging Chad

cakes and BOOKS Joanna

buying cheap flowers Fool

partially-clothed men and women ASIW

Hash House A Go Go Dan

A piece of trash Trog

psychologists everywhere say you have a problem Kevin

at a Godzilla convention Patrick


kill me now CFR


try this Me

conservative cat Kevin

more than 6 pills Holly

Frank is slow Frank

BS meters peaking Vicki

very disappointing Anne

Blagojevich Verdict.

Rumor has it there will be a verdict in the Blagojevich corruption trial announced later today.

What say you?

Guilty... I'm surprised the jury got it right.

Obama, becoming an absolute monarch....

“We have been sliding for 70 years to a situation where Congress has nothing to do with the decision about whether to go to war or not, and the president is becoming an absolute monarch,”  “And we must put a stop to that right now, if we don’t want to become an empire instead of a republic.”

Jerrold Nadler (D-NY)

June 26, 2011


What the heck?  Nothing ever happens in Peoria.

Brewer Brooms.

Wisconsin, open for business, closed for retirees.

10 Tax-Unfriendly States for Retirees 2011...

Attention Wisconsin Legislature.

Follow the example of Texas.

This could possibly cure liberalism...

The FDA would block it anyway.

President Union.

Obama might as well change his name as he only does what's best for the union and does not give a damn about non union workers.

The new civility

Tim Wise edition.

Mexican soldiers invading the US?

Sounds like they need a GPS.