June 24, 2011

Looks like Nyjer Morgan is enjoying Milwaukee!

On his first day off in 3 weeks, Nyjer took the advice of someone on his Twitter feed and went to the lakefront to fly a kite.

Another way to "Work the system"

Illegal aliens get FREE healthcare daily and don't pay.

This guy (a legal US citizen) resorts to robbing a bank for a $1.00 to try to get his health problems taken care of.

Our system is dis-functional and broken but this is NOT the solution. Nor is Obamacare. The proposals from the conservatives all have some form of "safety net" built in that would take care of this guy. We just need to get rid of Obamacare and do it right!

June 21, 2011


I just deleted the comments of someone going by the name of GMan and banned them from participating in further discussion here.  Throwing vulgar four letter names at my contributors will not be tolerated.

If you can not be civil, please, do not waste your time, you will be banned.  That's all we ask, be civil. 

Speaking of civility another participant in comments asked if I would be commenting on the actions of someone who was apparently accompanying former state Senator Zien in Madison today.  Apparently that person physically struck a left wing protester during their daily sing along in the capitol rotunda.

For the record, there is no excuse for escalating to that level for EITHER side.   I condemn that action.  If you feel the need to exhort to physical violence, please just walk away.

Youtube Contest.

Can you afford four more years?

Racine is going Vegas....

Look whats popping up all over downtown Racine.  Trashy flyers from a trashy business.

No wonder the city is trying to revoke their liquor license.

I wonder if Wisconsin Employee Unions....

I wonder if Wisconsin Employee Unions will be going to Illinois to protest against their governor?

(answer is no)

June 20, 2011

The new civility nutroots edition.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Protest against Obama's smart meters and risk ARREST

Amy O’Hair is a heroine in my opinion for trying to stop Obama's planned smart meter installation in her San Francisco neighborhood. Everywhere you look, the public utilities are untouchable and unaccountable to consumers, who do not want to be monitored by having these dubious devices on their living spaces. These microwave-transmitting meters will enable a big brother type of monitoring to occur from how many ice cubes people use to tv and Internet use, etc.

The health aspects of smart meters are another problem, and have grown quite controversial in America because both government and business benefit from not acknowledging any risks, while some consumers are reporting sensitivity and illness, and some doctors are warning against even low levels of this type of radiation. The World Health Organization just classified cell phone use as a potential carcinogen, and the radiation emitted 24/7 from smart meters is the same kind as cell phones use. No one is keeping track of the mixture of microwave signals, and no one is taking complaints on these devices.

Here in Wisconsin our utilities are equally bull-headed and unaccountable as California's utility to customers who do not want smart meters for whatever reason. If you don't want to be monitored or if you have health concerns about these devices, tough luck. Even your doctor's letter will not get you an accommodation, despite the existence of the nontransmitting meters. And the Public Service Commission lets the utilities do what they please on this issue. The customer is not always right; in fact, the customer's wishes do not matter to these utility monopolies.

The smart grid is also a bottomless pit of expense. A Bloomberg Business Week article stated: Today's meters may become obsolete in a few years, like the original IBM PC did—and utilities may not be able to afford the normal cycle of upgrades and replacement common in the information technology world. This stupid, oppressive, expensive national infrastructure system has been thrust on us unawares. It will take many more Amy O'Hairs to stop its metastasizing.

MRQ What is it about spandex?


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Who bailed them out?

So we bailed out GM, right?

Then why are they investing $540 million to bring 1,000 new jobs to Mexico?