June 10, 2011

Weiner Roasted.

Seems one of Mr. Weiner's ladies was only 17.

Stop Bullying.

There is movement in the public schools to put a stop to bullying.

It really is a pity that the union teachers who want to stop play ground bullying do not see the hypcorisy in the bullying of their unions.

Charlie has a story out of Manitowoc on how unions treat those that have been good to their teachers over the years.

Your Attention Please

The Chad is blogging again.

Film at 11.

What do "Progressives" want for Wisconsin?

“We need to make the state ungovernable.”

I've always disliked the term "Progressive".  There is no "progress" in having a declared goal of making the state ungovernable.  The left adopted the "progressive" tag as people didn't the term liberal.

This much is clear if the left doesn't get their way, they want anarchy.

June 9, 2011

About the special olympics and the zombies...

Perhaps we should not be so hard on the bad behavior by the left wing hate machine in Madison yesterday.  After all they probably learned about that bad behavior regarding special olympians from their leader.

Remember this?

Zombie Arrests


State Capitol police say 12 people were removed from the office of Rep. Robin Vos (R-Rochester) on Wednesday and arrested.

Of the 12 who were arrested, 10 were cited and released, one person was booked and released and one person was required to post $263.50 because he was from out of state and has no ties to the community

Great, now the hate left is importing zombies.

June 8, 2011

Excuse me, Milwauke Teacher's Union, we'd like to save 200 teaching jobs....


How about those Democrats?

36 of them voted AGAINST paying back money that they illegally took and were ordered to give back by a judge.

That's just a big old screw you to the judiciary.  Sometimes they love it, sometimes they ignore it.  Whichever way the wind is blowing....


The Wisconsin hate left is at it again, this time interrupting an event about Special Olympics.

Putting their own pitiful hatred ahead of special needs children.  That's what the Wisconsin left has turned into.

Ozzie Guillen...

You just have to love this guy.

Better keep up on your student loans...

Or else the SWAT team may come after you.

June 7, 2011

Party ID is shifting and holding & the GOP is ahead!

Since 2004 Rasmussen Reports has been tracking Party affiliation.  Most of the past 50 years the Dem's have had the lead in affiliation across the country, since this tracking began it has been consistently D over R.  Occasionally the R's get close but then the D's pull away.In 2008 and 2009 the D's were around 40% and the R's were around 32% behind by as much 8.5% at on point.  From Jan 2004 thru Nov 2010 the D's were ahead every single month..but something happened in November 2010.  The success of the TEA Party and it's connection with the Republican's was seen as good place for 36% of the people to self identify with!  In December it moved to 37% and was a 3.3% advantage over the D's. All in the 7 months since the first time the R's overtook the D's 6 months the R's have held that lead.  As of May 35.6% over 34%.   This trend seems to be gaining a foothold and perhaps the R's have finally gotten back to their Conservative roots and the electorate is ready to see those policies applied to control spending and the Dems have been shown for their Big govt. ideology.  Summary of party affiliation

Why We Must End Medicare ‘As We Know It’

That headline brought to you by the horribly right-wing biased....  Newsweek?

June 6, 2011

Brewer Brooms.

A 4 game sweep is a great way to finish off a 7 game road trip!!  And St. Louis has the day off, so we picked up 1/2 a game.

Tuesday in Milwaukee, Chris Capuano takes the bump against his former team mates.

MRQ How do you like your weiner?


bobbleheaded idiot box Shoebox

I would never, never, never do that OrbsCorbs

commando it is Elliot

choose to rule Owen

averting my eyes. Ann

who is REALLY the dummy Kate

participating in the SAUSAGE RACE Ric

all manner of bad behavior CFR

be more subtle. Trog.

Actors, gang bangers, gamblers, show girls Dan

How do you like your weiner Wigdy


gone limp. Shoebox

oral argument Egg

The Idiots are coming! Kate

vindicated Me

really was Weiner Dipity


REALLY need an adult beverage CFR

Beer O'clock Dipity

I'm obsessed with shoes Holly

kicked out Chad

my gift to you Frank

still in high gear Tom

Krazy Glue in my Preparation H Peter

drooled on myself Jim

Caption This

Weiner Lied.

With more pictures coming forward Rep Anthony Weiner (D) admitted that he has been lying and he sent all those pictures plus x-rated photos that have not been published.

I'm sure the left wing media that bought his hacking story hook line and sinker and accused Andrew Breitbart and evil conservative bloggers will be coming forth with apologies.

I'm kidding of course, they will not apologize.

Mike Tate?  Nah, he will not apologize either.

Then again I'm sure the DNC will encourage him to step aside...  Just kidding they won't do anything either.

Prediction time, Anthony Weiner will run unopposed and be re-elected.  Democrats who lie about these sorts of things never face any real consequences, in fact Democrats reward them for improved name recognition..

Weinergate II

Looks like Mr Weiner has another hacker.

June 5, 2011

The hate left.

This idiot should be their poster child.

I'm surprised this hater was not the featured speaker at the Dem's convention this weekend.  Absent will be any criticism of this from the left-o-sphere.