May 27, 2011

May 26, 2011

Caption This.


The US Senate Found Something They Agree On.

Yep, a unanimous vote in the Senate.

What could they possibly agree on?


Just grabbed this screen shot from JSonline

For the record, I think there needs to be a permit and training process for this.  I just thought the 666 at the end was an interesting coincidence.

May 25, 2011

The Path to Prosperity

Don't be chicken to read about the Milwaukee hen ordinance

Sorry, I just had to write this.

The Cure for Obama Care

Did you get on the special Pelosi/Obama ObamaCare waiver list? Thousands of waivers have been granted already. Why are you and I not on the list yet? Could it be we failed to make a large enough contribution to the Emperor or Queen Pelosi's political coffers?

US Congressman Mike Rogers of Michigan has come up with a great solution to ObamaCare. A simple Waiver application program for EVERYONE. Not just at the employer level but as individuals there would be a process to get your family a waiver from ObamaCare.

Let's get on board and support this. Make your voice heard. Tell all your friends and relatives.

Caption This

May 23, 2011

Wanna know the real reason the left is screaming about voter ID?

MediaTrackers Press Release
Same Day Voter Registration Issues Uncovered

Milwaukee, WI, May 23, 2011 -

Media Trackers conducted an open records request investigation of election day registrations in 15 Milwaukee and Dane County wards for the April 5 election. With just a small sampling of election-day registrations, Media Trackers uncovered significant potential abuses of the same-day registration system and numerous cases of incomplete voter registrations.

Potential Voter Registration Abuses

•In City of Madison Ward 48, one person corroborated (vouched) for three consecutive voters. When asked to write in the corroborator's address, this person listed two different address, that in each case matches the residence of the individual trying to vote.

•In City of Madison Ward 46, two instances were recorded where an individual required corroboration for his proof of residence, and then was permitted to corroborate for someone else using the residence they could not prove.

•Maura Tracy, formerly employed by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin in a number of capacities, corroborated for seven individuals who were unable to provide proof of residence in City of Madison Ward 44.

•One individual used an "acceptance letter to the University of Minnesota" as his proof of residence. This would not fall under any of the acceptable proofs of residence as spelled out by the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board (GAB).

•126 voters in just 15 wards required corroboration because they couldn't provide of residency, despite the 12 different acceptable proofs of residence accepted by the Wisconsin GAB.

Incomplete Voter Registrations

•Fourteen voter registrations had the box checked that noted that the individual was "previously registered to vote in Wisconsin, but my name and/or address has changed." But these fourteen didn't provide a previous address in which to cancel the voting rights at that address.

•Nine voter registrations noted that the individual is attempting to register and vote in the wrong ward. It is unclear whether they voted in the proper ward or not.

•Twelve ballots are missing an official's signature and name.

On the eve of Governor Walker's signing of the photo ID bill, it's important to remember that Wisconsin elections are far from perfect. While not every instance listed above constitutes an illegal action, the above evidence suggests that not requiring photo ID while permitting election-day registration, provided vast opportunity for exploitation and error.

As photo ID is signed into law, it's important to continue to seek to improve the integrity and accuracy of Wisconsin elections and voter registration.

About MediaTrackers

Media Trackers is a non-profit, online site dedicated to providing readers conservative research and news, while tackling and bringing to light any misinformation and bias in the mainstream media.

MRQ spurious at best.


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Zombie Preparedness Month  Trog

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go to bed SER

rocket propelled potatoes  Steve

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invited to lunch  Nancy

The world did not end  Sherri.

spurious at best  Lou

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 I held off filling up the tank  Aaron

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 the zombies are coming next  Holly

Senator Palin?

That's the rumor.


Is there anything they can't do?

Designed to withstand all manner of attacks...

Except a little piece of conduit or a mild incline apparently.


Must see video.

Consequences for a teacher... Not so much.

So what's the punishment for a teacher sending a profanity laced email on school resources to a State Rep?

Paid administrative leave

Take a 2 month vacation, we'll still pay you.


This used to be the Home Depot in Joplin, Missouri.

Terrible tornado damage there, 89 dead.  What a tragedy.

May 22, 2011

Brewer Brooms.

Fear The Beer

An angry beaver.


The Bradley Center

I for one do not get the current issue of the Bradley Center. 

The building has not even been in use for 25 years yet the rhetoric of the day says we need a new modern facility in order to keep the Milwaukee Bucks.

I've been to more events at the Bradley than I can recall and it is NOT a bad facility.  You might be able to make the argument that the building needs a bit of a face lift but a new stadium?  I don't see it.

If the NBA requires a new building every 20 years then let them leave.

I'd hate to see the Bucks leave but if a new building is what they require every 20 years then bye-bye Bango.

Wow! Shock Poll Revealed!

Who knew?  People don't care for high fuel prices.

I'm stunned.

What could possibly be next, a study that says driving skills degrade as people age?  Then again, maybe they don't.

Daniels out, Cain in.

That's a shame...

That's fantastic.

I've heard Cain speak on many occasions and I had the pleasure of meeting him once at a conference in D.C.  We spoke for about ten minutes and I found him to be one of the kindest most genuine and intelligent people I have ever met.  I'm thrilled he is in the race.