May 7, 2011

Wisconsin and Walker are moving on up in the national rankings!

The Business news just keeps getting better and better!   I wonder if this be a major factor in a recall election next year.  In just 6 months we moved up 17 places in State rankings from the the bottom 10 to number 24!  What can the City of Racine do to follow this trend? 

Waivers have consequenses.

Fresh off getting a waiver from Obamacare, McDonalds added 25% of the new jobs last month....

I recall when the Bush administration was adding jobs month after month after month lefties scoffed and said they weren't real family sustaining jobs.

Their silence now is deafening.

May 5, 2011

Attention Senator Wirch

Do you support the action of your home county party in attacking Kenosha area businesses?

Guess the number, sU... edition


Ok, so nobody bothered to take a guess at this – and I can guess why. The M.S.M. has stopped giving you a play-by-play of the death toll in Afghanistan.
To wit:
"[At least 905 of these troops have been killed in Afghanistan since President Barack Obama was inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2009. That equals more than 60 percent of the 1,475 total -- and more than one U.S. soldier per day.]"
Or did you think soldiers stopped dieing once BO fulfilled another one of his campaign “promises?”

About that UW OshKosh Professor...

He still doesn't get it.

It becomes clear the corrective action that was taken, none.

May 3, 2011

Wis AB 14, bad for telecom consumers

In response to a letter from some business people and various groups, who want immediate action to overhaul the state's telecommunications system, Wisconsin legislators drafted AB 14, and are rushing to get it through. It lets telecom companies pretty much walk all over Wisconsin residents...

Corrective Action.

My guess, a suspension with pay.

Just out the Dems at JSOnline excusing this idiot.

Fired because they were Republicans...

16 Illinois Departent of Transportation workers were fired by Rod Blagojevich for having an (R) after their names.

They had their day in court.

Grayslake Schools flying loose with the rules. I doubt they are alone.

May 3, 2011


Released School Board Emails Reveal Legal and Ethical Violations in Grayslake School District #46.

Activists of the Lake County Tea Party organization today made available on their website a collection of over 300 pages’ worth of emails obtained through two Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, which they believe reveals legal and ethical violations, including offering rewards to people for registering to vote, conspiring to avoid required political disclosures,  and political activity conducted by district employees using district resources and on district time.

“It's a sordid story about crime and corruption where anyone would least expect to find it:  In a suburban elementary school district,” said Tea Party spokesman Paul Mitchell, of Hainesville.

“Don’t let them turn us in...”  - The April 5th election was a hard-fought race in which five candidates (two incumbents and three challengers) were vying to fill three seats.  Mitchell describes the two incumbent candidates, Board President Mary Garcia and Vice President Sue Facklam, as strongly pro-union.  In one of the released emails, noting that the three challengers had been linked on the Lake County Tea Party website, incumbent candidate Mary Garcia wrote, "I think that all members of both Unions should be apprised of this information…  There will be no collective bargaining with those 3 on the board.  I am very afraid that Sue and I will not have the funds necessary to fight a ‘party’.”  This email, sent to D46 Superintendent Ellen Correll, Assistant Superintendent Lynn Barkley, union leaders Christine Wilson and Diane Elfering, and fellow incumbent candidate Sue Facklam, was sent, like virtually all of the information we have, from Garcia’s email account in District 30 (Wed., Feb. 23rd, 11:34 AM), where Garcia works as a teacher and is president of the teachers’ union. Campaign fundraising activity like this, using D30 public resources have already landed Garcia in front of a review board that was scheduled to meet Monday, May 2nd

In another telling email, Facklam, a voter registrar, writes about registering high school students to vote, and giving them gift cards: “Don’t let them turn us in; gifts to register to vote is probably illegal!  I did offer Erika [Garcia’s 18-year-old daughter] more gift cards if she can gather up more friends!”  (Wed., March 2nd, 10:14 AM to Mary Garcia at her D30 account.)  It is a felony to offer remuneration to anyone for voting or registering to vote.

“Lie and pay me cash” – The emails reveal evidence of extensive contributions, expenditures, and in-kind contributions that, Mitchell believes, ought to have triggered formation of a campaign committee, and been reported to the State Board of Elections. Garcia and Facklam’s campaign manager, Alex Finke, in what Mitchell calls one of the more egregious examples of their efforts to cloak their campaign in secrecy, wrote, “Anything you spend counts towards the 1999.99 that you and Mary would be allowed to spend.  The only way around it, would be to lie and pay me cash.  Then I could claim that I am volunteering for you.” (Mon., March 7th, 3:55 PM, to Sue Facklam.)

The Superintendents Get Involved – D46 Superintendent Ellen Correll, who Mitchell says receives a compensation package worth over $200,000 per year to educate students, evidently spent quite a bit of her compensated time on election activities:  “Mary Garcia is wondering how many signs or flyers you would take?” (Ellen Correll, on her D46 email account, to North Chicago D187 Superintendent Douglas Parks and to Mary Garcia on her D30 email account, Thurs., Mar. 10th, 3:24 PM.)  As a custodian of federal and state education funds, Correll is prohibited by law from participating in political activity of any kind.

Mitchell notes that these examples are only the tip of what appears to be a very large iceberg.  “It’s our hope that the appropriate law enforcement agencies will take an interest and conduct a full investigation of these matters.  But we have more FOIA requests pending.”

To download and view the entire collection of emails in pdf format, visit

Paul Mitchell

May 2, 2011


MRQ I miss the trq's

TRQ (Twitter Random Quotes)
I'm glad @Realdebate doesn't do TRQs anymore   Egg
I miss the trq's.  Shoebox
change the rotation  Nancy
I'm not believeing anything until I see a skit on SNL  Carrie
Going ALL-IN  Kevin
feel like watching "Navy Seals"  Pete
one way to avoid.  Caughill
celebrating by flipping.  Jones 
keep having spurts Dipity 
MRQ (Monday Random Quotes)
no one learned diddly  Kate
strikes me as pathetic.  Owen
all wiggledy-limp  Dad29
protected by powerful people  Elliot
Here's a photo of a couple  Steve
What justice looks like.  Mary.
not-so-infrequent vulgarity  Egg
being completely sarcastic  Kevin
my reaction was joy.  CFR
I’ve been having an affair  Dipity
Did someone pop popcorn  Wigdy
FBRQ  (Facebook Random Quotes)
I hope we can make that happen once again  Dipity
Holy Screamin' Eagle S**t!!  CFR
wanted me to try again.  Patrick
so simple so easy  Tom
some sort of "artistic expression  Vicki
in yer cherch kamps, wirin' yer internetz  The Chad
does not come from Chihuahuas. Disappointing.  Aaron
bidding on the Elvis collector plates  Wigdy
If I fall asleep, they have each other to talk to  Peter

Guess the number game.


UPDATE: 57% disapprove of Obama's handling of the economy.

Guess the number game.



UPDATE: 48.1 cents, average taxes on a gallon of gas, 7 cents average profit on a gallon of gas.

Who's gouging who?

Where'd the Bin Laden intel come from?

Club Gitmo.

Bin Laden killed.

The people celebrate.

May 1, 2011

Raise gas taxes in this environment?

Yep, a Democrat.

The Buy-cott in effect

I went to the Pick 'n Save at 4 Mile and Douglas in Caledonia to specifically purchase some Walker supporting items. As I entered, I noticed a sign politely reminding union goons that is illegal to put stickers on items. As I went to purchase some Miller Beer and Johnsonville Brats, I came across an interesting coincidence. No, I did not see any extra union supporting stickers, but rather these items were on sale. After perusing the store some more, I noticed that Sargento cheese and Angel Soft Toilet Paper also were on sale. Perhaps this is all a coincidence. I'd rather think it was Roundy's telling the union we don't give a damn about what you think.

The New Civility, Twister Edition.

Never waste a crisis or a tragedy when you have an opportunity to push your "warmer" insanity.  You can plainly see what the evil hate left wants for people who dare to disagree with them, death.

Check out the comments, this is the compassionate, caring left.  They find humor in death of hundreds and tha pain in tens of thousands.  That is what they call progress.

And people wonder why I call them the hate left?