April 29, 2011

Protest Fail

Shown here is the protest put up by the unions at the Paul Ryan listening session today.  Once again the left shows their complete ignorance in the ridiculous portrayal of what they think a Republican is. 

Protest fail.

Bumper Art

Another undocumented alien...

...who thinks that the concept of American exceptionalism is out-dated.

At first I was ticked, then I thought: "Don't let the door hit your unappreciative Krypton a$$ on the way out." I say base him in Libya or Iran.
Got to love these writers. While "comic book store guys" read these, so do children who are now being told.....what?

April 28, 2011

The new civility....

Liberal talk show host edition....

Jobless Claims Up Again.

This must be unexpected....

As fuel costs rise unchecked things will only get worse.  With every passing day Barack (censored) Obama's ability to blame his predecessor diminished.

Another Triumph of Transparency!

Thous shalt not make Obama look bad or you will be punished.


Congressman Paul Ryan Listening Session Tomorrow – Urgent Request
Racine TEA Party just got word of a union ambush against Paul Ryan tomorrow at his final listening session in Racine. They plan on showing up early, taking the seats in order to boo and shout Paul down.  We simply can not allow the taxpayers' voices to be drowned out by the shouting of government employees and liberal activists.

Please come early tomorrow to show support for Paul and do not let the intimidation of the unions shut us down this time! This is a rallying cry from the right to support those who want to run our government the right way!

Please arrive early!

 RACINE:  3:45-5:00pm, Caesar Chavez Community Center Gymnasium, 2221 Douglas Avenue (venue change to accommodate larger crowds)

Buy-cott Notice

For Immediate Release
Contact: Lora Halberstadt   262-939-0175                                                                April 28, 2011
               Nancy Mistele       608-575-8589

Several Wisconsin TEA Party Leaders Support BUY-cott

Racine, WI – Union organizers in Wisconsin have tried to harm Wisconsin business through their boycott and harassment tactics—but their antics have had the opposite effect. Citizens fed up with the intimidation and threatening behavior are standing up to support a state-wide BUY-COTT of Wisconsin business—EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY.

The latest union-driven protest of placing damaging, crude, anti-Walker stickers on grocery products this weekend will be met by the CITIZENS BUY-COTT of Wisconsin business!  We will dedicate our support to BUY-COTT every product, store, business owner who is subject to these underhanded, and unethical attempts to harm them.  From here on out, We the People pledge to support OUR Wisconsin business with our efforts.

We encourage all citizens to patronize businesses targeted by union boycotts and intimidation—or on lists passed around for that purpose.  We encourage all citizens to target their purchase of products to businesses targeted by union boycotts and intimidation.  We encourage all citizens to report any examples of threats, intimidation, harassment and boycotting they know of to us—and we will make sure to BUY-COTT those same businesses.

Governor Walker said, loudly and proudly, WISCONSIN IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS.  We aim to make sure that happens! As unions continue with their attempts to divide, TEA parties across the state are united in supporting ALL WISCONSIN BUSINESSES!

A list of businesses targeted by the CITIZENS BUY-COTT is available at our facebook page:

When: April 28th – year end

Lora Halberstadt/Nancy Milholland   Racine TEA Party
Nancy Mistele                                      Founders Compass
Vicki McKenna                                    Wisconsin Radio Host
Meg Ellefson                                        Wausau TEA Party
Kim Simac                                           Northwoods Patriots
Ross Brown                                         We the People of the Republic
Orville Seymour                                    CRG Network
Ken Brown                                          LiberTea Racine

The latest hateful group to restrict union collective bargaining....

Massachusetts liberals.

The unions just don't get it.  The gravy train is over, we can't afford it any more.

Color me not at all surprised, Obama Birth Certificate Faked.

April 27, 2011

April 25, 2011

Jimmuh is heading to North Korea....

Maybe they'll keep him,

MRQ two-drink minimum.

not the right shape  Althouse
to do what is best  Patrick
for the "Kids" Owen
wasn’t smart enough   Elliot
a wider viewing  Steve
go highbrow  Mary
Hit it early, hit it often  Egg
just plain dumb   Randy
a rather strong way (if sexist)  Kevin
bend over.  CFR
How can you say no to that?  Trog
strip her  Dan
two-drink minimum  Wigdy
so desperate Cindy 
Never argue with an idiot  Peter
Twix and cornbread  Kate

I were this classy DD

I should just stfu  Frank

egggggcellent  Molly

enough already  Anne

Please Sir, I want some more  Philip

Made them pretty.  Aaron

spotted dick.  Casper

7 Shades of Awesomeness

Take my Congressman, please!

Read my latest on RedCounty.

If it was not clear before....

It should be clear now, the unions are running the Obama White House.

April 24, 2011

Brewers new mascot?

The star of today's Brewer game.

Photo MJS

Caption This

Happy Easter!

I call BS

This article from the JT today portrays why RUSD has to spend nearly a half million dollars to make up a day of school. Really this is just typical BS for we'll spend taxes any way we damn well please!

What it really shows is that:

A. They didn't try very hard to figure this one out
B. They are still beholden to the REA since they didn't try to adjust the contract
C. Are just plain dumb, since Madison found a way to make up 4 days more economically logically than RUSD's 1 day.

Happy Easter!

A section of Isaiah 55 was one of the readings at the Easter Vigil Mass last night, and verse 10 always struck me:

“For as the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return there without watering the earth”

Isaiah lived in the eighth century B.C., several centuries before individuals like Aristotle hypothesized that water from rivers and streams in addition to rainfall filled the oceans. It was almost two and a half centuries before the concepts of water vapor, evaporation, and the return of water to the atmosphere were advanced.

Yes, there is quite a bit of mythology in the Bible, but was Isaiah 55:10 a remarkable guess or inspired scientific insight?