April 9, 2011

Emperor Barack Obama 'too tired' to give proper welcome to Gordon Brown

The White house staff said he’s “overwhelmed” with all the problems on his plate. Is it time to get out the violins and play a sad tune? He’s not getting enough rest! How about fewer vacations and golf trips so he does not have to try to pack everything into his fewer days at the office!
The article also says his staff is unfamiliar with expectations about a major visit by the British Prime Minister!! So his staff admits they are incompetent too!! Not too big a surprise since they all have been handpicked by an incompetent boss.
The British show their ever steady and proper diplomatic demeanor by saying something about “his thoughts being elsewhere”, as a way to try to help the Emperor save face.
The article goes on : “The real views of many in Obama administration were laid bare by a State Department official involved in planning the Brown visit. ... The official dismissed any notion of the special relationship, saying: "There's nothing special about Britain. You're just the same as the other 190 countries in the world. You shouldn't expect special treatment."
Just another reason to make certain the Emperor is a one termer.

The Troglopundit's Ride?

April 8, 2011

Dear Congress,

"Dear Congress, Last year I mismanaged my funds and this year I cannot decide on a budget. Until I have come to a unified decision that fits all of my needs and interests, I will have to shut down my checkbook and will no longer be able to pay my taxes. I'm sure you'll understand. Thank you very much for setting an example we can all follow. Repost if you agree PAY OUR MILITARY!!!!!!!"

Found on Bookface.....

Hey Politifact!

When will we see the rating on Kloppenburg's victory declaration?

Apparently the AFL-CIO

Apparently the AFL-CIO is in favor of disenfranchising voters by not having the entire city of Brookfield counted.

That's a civil rights issue, perhaps the AFL-CIO should be disbanded.

Barack Obama Everybody, Don't Forget to Tip Your Waitress.

He starts a new war kinetic military action

Does nothing while he shuts down the government.

Does nothing while gas prices prepare to pass $4.

Says he will not pay the military.

Goes on vacation.


Spring Spheres

Polical Correctness gone nuts....

Smart Meters May Be Hazardous to Your Health, Privacy and Pocketbook

Conservatarian blogger I.M. Kane at Millstone Diaries makes all the points about these insideous devices that are being pushed onto people's living spaces by big government, big utilities, and wireless companies for THEIR benefit, not ours.

The 10 states with the worst property taxes.

Gee, do you think Wisconsin made the list?

April 7, 2011

Caption This

Mmmmm Sausage Kabob



Vote Phishing in Madistan

In case you missed this from Blaska's Blog on Isthmus.

The second questionable incident could involve physically phishing for votes. I got this directly from the source but only because I was sitting at one of Vicki’s microphones this afternoon, trying to digest Tuesday’s election. That’s when Peter Friedland of Madison called in to her Up Front program.

"I have seen many things i our neighborhood but what I saw yesterday is one of the few things that kept me awake at night," Mr. Friedland told me in a follow-up interview. "You hear about voter fraud but I never thought about how it was done -- or that it happened here."

Mr. Friedland says that between 5:30 and 6:00 p.m. Tuesday, three women appeared outside the complex of 8 four-unit and 2 eight-unit apartments on Brittany Place, just off Raymond Road in the troubled Prairie Hills neighborhood, just west of Meadowood. Two of the women appeared to be in their 40s, the third was younger. One of them spoke through a bullhorn, the others had camera phones.

One of them brayed through the bullhorn urging lower income residents inside the apartment buildings to vote. "They were saying come and vote and if you weren't going to vote we would like to use your name," Friedland told me. However, no resident heeded their call, from what he could see.

Mr. Friedland later noticed a young man in their company. As residents came outside in response to the bull horning, he entered the buildings. In Mr. Friedland’s building, "he appeared to be writing down names on the mailboxes."

Mr. F confronted "the horn lady" who told him to mind his own business. "When I asked what they were doing the two older ladies turned and walked away fast." They jumped into the two waiting automobiles.

A half-hour later he noticed the horn lady outside the Walgreens drug store just north of Allied Drive, asking for voters and/or names. Mr. F identified another of the women at the adjacent McDonald's restaurant with a group of about 20 others.

Could those 20 have used the phished names and addresses they had just harvested in an attempt to vote?


So much for claiming victory.....

Latest vote counts give edge to Prosser

I'll be waiting for the press release from Mikie Tate withdrawing the huge mandate....

Rolling Thunder - A Marine's Vigil

This is a very different tribute. Without words. A solitary Marine's simple tribute to those United States Marines who have fallen for us all.

H/T Black Five

April 6, 2011

Place your bets!

I don’t think it’s a matter of *if* the votes necessary for Kloppenburg to win will be found, but WHERE.
Will they be ‘found’:
a) In a poll worker’s trunk?
b) In a back room?
c) Abele’s lake house?

Its sad that this foreign-born, proud American finds voting day depressing. You not only need to win, you have to win above the level of fraud. Nothing new.
They just don’t care how it looks anymore.

Fred talks me down a lot.

April 5, 2011


Milwaukee County Democrats elected a rich white guy that lives in a mansion on Lake Drive who pays no taxes has anger management issues, can't be bothered to go to court and bought a one year term with a million dollars of his own money.

Really he sounds just like everything that liberals usually complain about. 

Why do Racine Democrats Cheat?

Two different Kloppenburg signs, neither with any disclaimers.  I find illegal signs in Racine at every election without really looking very hard, why are they always from the left?  I assure you if I could find an illegal Republican sign I would post it. 

Racine Unified School Board.

Confused about who to vote for in the Racine School Board race?

Roger Pfost & Patrick Flynn are the new guys preaching fiscal restraint.

Melvin Hargrove & Pamala Handrow are the old guard in favor of every tax dollar they can scam.

Hold your nose and vote for Wiser (at least he voted against moving the office) along with Pfost & Flynn.

The Real Puppets.

From all of the unhinged leftists who think the Koch brothers are running the Governor's office....

I give you the Washington DC AFSCME sending talking points directly to Wisconsin Senate Democrats.  If you were really conerned about outside influences in politics you would be concerned about this.

Election Day Open Thread

What are you seeing and hearing out there?  How's turnout?  Did you vote?

April 4, 2011

A few points from the Racine TEA Party

·         The Election is tomorrow!  Get out and Vote, and Bring a friend with you! There are several important elections tomorrow including the Supreme Court and Racine County Executive races.  For information on these, and other races go to our website and click on Election Info  Link: http://racineteaparty.com/2011/04/01/election-info/

  • Be a Poll Watcher tomorrow.  We still need volunteers to help with this.  It isn’t too late to volunteer.  Email us at racineteaparty@live.com ASAP.

·         Racine Unified Referendum  Stop the Spending!  Please visit our website for information on why this increased spending is NOT the answer to improving education in the Racine Unified School District .  See where the candidates stand on the issue as well.  Link to info on our website: http://racineteaparty.com/rusd-referendums/

  • Write-In Campaign in Caledonia  There is a write-in campaign, funded by the AFL-CIO going on in Caledonia for the 2 trustees running unapposed.  If you want these individuals to be re-elected you need to cast a vote, even though there is only one name listed on the ballot.  We are not telling you who to vote for, just making you aware of the write-in campaign.  To see the mailer that was sent out got to:  http://www.caledoniaunplugged.blogspot.com/

·          Tax Day TEA Party in Madison will be held on Saturday, April 16th at Noon.  You should have received an email from AFP WI on this.  Go to http://americansforprosperity.org/wisconsin to register for the event.  There will be a bus running from Racine and Kenosha .  Racine TEA Party will be helping with the event.

 ·         American Majority Activist Training will be held in Racine on April 30th from 11AM-4PM  For details on what the seminar will cover, and to register go to: http://americanmajority.org/events/sturtevant-wi-activist-training/

·         Paul Kern hosting Sound Off on WRJN starting today.  This show is typically hosted by Don Rosen, who leans left.  Don is having surgery, so Paul will be filling in for a while, and would really appreciate some conservative callers.  Please help him out!  The show is from 9AM-11AM Monday-Friday

  • Special Election  to be held on May 3rd to fill the vacated seat of Scott Gunderson, who resigned in January to take a position in the Department of Natural Resources.  The district includes part of Racine County ( Waterford area).  Republican David Craig and Democrat Jim Brownlow are vying for this seat.

·         Recall Petitions There are numerous recall efforts underway in WI, including Senator Bob Wirch who represents Burlington/Kenosha. They are still collecting signatures, even though they have collected the minimum necessary for the recall.  Racine TEA Party cannot be involved in a recall effort due to 501c4 rules.  The website for the group leading this effort is www.recallwirch.com

·         Issue Update

Voter ID  We are still PATIENTLY waiting for Voter ID and comprehensive vote reform to be implemented in Wisconsin . Please continue to call your Assembly Representative and urge them to move the Voter ID bill forward to ensure it is implemented in time for the recall elections and the Presidential primary.   We need Voter ID and comprehensive election reform ASAP!  On April 5th, bring your ID to the polls, and let’s “practice” showing our IDs at the polls. 

The RTA Repeal Bill is making its way through the legislature.  Remember K-R-M?  Elimination of the RTA’s will effectively drive a stake through the heart of this spending boondoggle.  

Throwing Out The First Pitch

The Champs!

MRQ a bad case of protest fatigue

I repeat myself.  Kate
being done openly.  Althouse
the evilist Steve
my plumbing license Trog
It doesn’t exist.   Bussorah
Anyone want that action? Chris
a bad case of protest fatigue  Althouse
Show them this. Blue
creepy as hell  Kevin

where the bag usually hangs  CFR
nothing better James
turns to page one and gets busy  Aaron
legs dancing.  Conrad
can't....stop...looking  Holly
Makes sense now.  Sara
will suck more than most  Patrick
Tofu burgers!!!  Fraley  We're losing Fraley
That explains the thunderstorms  Me
gonna be big Philip
urge to kill: *rising* Frank
I've offered to drive all my Kloppenberg-voting friends to the polls on Wednesday  Tom
playing harmonica with the Chad Tom   (The Chad?)
I can't take much more   CFR

A rally where no one shows... Feel the Kloppenburg momentum.

A letter from a Racine teacher.

This letter was received by Bill Folk, Racine County GOP Chairman, from a teacher who didn't feel emotionally safe enough to attend a dinner that was being picketed by her colleagues. I asked Chairman Folk to forward this to me so I could share it.

Dear Mr. Folk,

Thank you for the reply. I will not be attending. My coworkers are planning on picketing and after the day-in and day-out listening to the bashing of our governor and elected officials and trying to work in the hostile environment for the past month, I can hardly take it anymore. I am so frustrated with their words, attitudes and actions; it's so embarrassing. I don't feel emotionally safe to come. It's too bad.

By the way, when I was researching for the email address, I happened across an article I think you wrote about the RUSD teacher sick-out. I don't know if it ever made it into the Journal Times, but I think it would have been a good editorial. I was one of the few teachers at my school who reported and worked a full day. That whole situation was absolutely ridiculous. Some coworkers were being called between 11:30pm and 1:00am to call in sick. I guess I wasn't called because I refused to sign a petition earlier in the week and ridiculed because of it. I also was unable to attend a union action meeting and was ridiculed because of that. One coworker who had called in sick, had actually come in to work to pick up some work. I overheard her talking to someone and she said that she wasn't going to hold it against anyone who had showed up at work and hadn't called in sick. I felt so disheartened, because I couldn't believe what this person who I had greatly respected had said.

Some other coworkers called in sick, drove to Madison and participated in picketing. This was fraudulent behavior to our employer - the district and the taxpayers. As bad as this was, one of my coworkers who had done this was bragging the next day that he was telling his classes that he was so sick, he couldn't do a thing the day of the sick-out. Not only did he brag this to fellow teachers, but I actually later heard him say this to a class of students. My heart just sank. We want the students to be truthful and respectful to us, but he was not being honest with the students and therefore, I feel, not respectful to them.

I have seen a teacher hold a sign in the hallway during passing time, numerous red-T-shirt days, wear black day, students be praised for wearing red on more than one day, T-shirts with solidarity on it worn by many, T-shirts with the Wisconsin 14 on them worn by many, T-shirts with numerous fish on the back of them, and signs, bumper stickers, newspapers, etc. in the teacher's lounge on the tables where we eat.

I had heard of many picketing in Madison, in downtown Racine, on the corner of 31 & 20, and now the Marriott. Others have spent time on recall efforts to recall Alberta Darling. This is talked about a lot now.

Some days, the first words I hear when I come in the building is "Walker this or that." Lunch conversation is always negative and there's no getting away from it because we are not to eat in our offices or classrooms.

One day, I heard that one of my coworkers who knows Van Wangaard had written him a nasty note, but she had disguised it in a "Thank You" note. I couldn't believe my ears. I wish I could see Mr. Wangaard and be able to apologize for my coworker's behavior. That was really terrible.

Others spoken about have included Robin Vos and even Cathy Stepp as well. It makes me really sad.

I wish I could also apologize to Governor Walker for the hate speech, bitterness, bullish, and other behavior my fellow teachers and school staff have perpetrated on and about him.

I may be alone in my respect of government officials and my focus on the job that I have been hired to do on behalf of our students. Yet hopefully in the end, young lives will have been encouraged and many benefited from my tiresome efforts.

Mr. Folk, thank you for your efforts as well.

God bless.

Vote Prosser

The Zombie Menace

Seriously, they are in Madistan.

And so it begins.

Obama must be finished with his laser like focus on closing Gitmo, the economy, our image around the world, transparency, jobs.

Today Barack (Censored) Obama launches his re-election bid.

April 3, 2011

Guess the number



Update: To date the Red Cross has accepted a billion dollars in donations for Japan due to the devastating earthquake there, not one dollar has been distributed.

The new civility, part 7,652,913

When an 'artist' combines their hatred of Christianity and Sarah Palin.

Hatred on display.

Gin & Juice.

Middle School teacher edition.

I wonder if she has tenure?

Racine is #12 in the nation on home foreclosures....

Oh well, at least we aren't in the top 10.

Yet somehow the school district thinks we have a couple hundred million extra bucks laying around....

Don't forget to vote on Tuesday folks.

Vote no on all the Racine Unified Referendum questions.

Vote for Jim Ladwig for County Executive.

Vote for Justice David Prosser to preserve judicial integrity.

As for Mayor, I'll be voting for Marcus as he is much more fiscally conservative than Mayor Dickert.

Speak the truth Paul

The union assault on the middle class

No Bullying

In the next week I am going to find the time to get out to Union Grove and spend some money in this woman's store.

Welcome FatWallet.com

Another Illinois company moving to Wisconsin....

Tax policy has consequences.

The big question of course is are they with the union or with the tax payers? 

That's plus 54 more jobs for Scott Walker that the left will dismiss as inconsequential..