March 17, 2011

Thank you Lt. Governor Kleefisch for picking up the phone.

In case you missed it Catalyst is moving from Illinois into Wisconsin

On the report by Fox 6 they interviewed the President of Catalyst who mentioned a phone call from the Lt. Governor as one of the reasons they decided to move to Wisconsin.

Did you hear that Sly Sylvester and all of you haters on left who criticized Lt. Governor Kleefisch?  105 jobs moving to Wisconsin to get away from the Illinois tax climate.

Thank you Governor Walker and Lt. Governor Kleefisch.

Chris Abele has serious problems.

So Chris Abele got busted for drunk driving and he wants us to believe that he didn't know when his court date was?  Then if he didn't know it didn't concern him enough to ask why he hadn't been to court in seven years?

Now we learn he got in a fireworks fight being an inconsiderate neighbor and he didn't show up at court for that date either?  (Bice will have a column on this in the morning)

I've never had a DUI or a ticket for throwing fireworks over my neigbor's fence but I've had a couple of speeding tickets and I can assure you I knew when my court dates were.  I made sure to take care of the fines well in advance of the required date.

Something is clear about Chris Abele, he thinks his money makes him above the law.  He has a complete disregard for our justice system as he never cared enough about his crimes to take responsibility in a timely fashion.

And now he wants to be the Milwaukee County Executive. 

The sad thing is despite his obvious MASSIVE charachter flaws, the left wingers will vote for him anyway.

It must really suck to be Jim Sullivan right now.

UPDATE: As of 8:30 pm a quick trip around the slums of the left-o-sphere of hate showed absolutely zero concern over their chosen rich white guy and his lack of concern about taking care of his legal obligations in a timely fashion.

War in Libya?

Maybe so.

Union Thuggery Unhinged.

Without a doubt the best coverage given to the Union attempted takeover of the state capitol was by Ann Althouse and her hubby New Media Meade.

Ann and Meade provided photos, videos and commentary every day of the union seige in Madistan.

And now da unions want them to pay with thier own money and even to lose their home.  Yep, they are demanding that Ann and Meade leave Madison.

Peter has a summary of the insansity.

Or if you prefer, go straight to Althouse.

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Beware the non-Irish amateurs out there folks.

By the way, Mr. McMahon has fine example of Irish Yoga posted.

Wisconsin Educational Funding...

While Democrats and teachers unions blame Scott Walker for the reduction in shared revenue for education I want you to remember something...

Wisconsin lost on Federal race to the top funds as the Democrat controlled legislature, Jim Doyle, Tom Barrett, the Department of Public Instruction and the teachers union failed to make the reforms necessary to qualify.

(sarcasm on) After all, we should not evaluate teachers based on their level of skill in the classroom we should evaluate them based on their years of service, and their level of education.  (sarcasm off)

In addition, any community that puts new contracts into play to avoid the tools the Governor has given them to balance their budget vetoes the right to complain.

The Democrats Preferred Choice in Milwaukee

A rich white guy with a drinking problem that has no regard for the law and thinks it is just fine to avoid taking responsiblity for his own actions for years at a time.

Barack Obama Elementary School.

Barack Obama Elementary School is being closed.  I blame Scott Walker.

Michigan Democrats on trial for vote fraud.

Summary- Two senior Democrats in Michigan are on trial for massive election fraud in a fake Tea Party scheme, the political implications could have lasting impact, exposing the Progressive War On Freedom.
Michael McGuinness, who was the Democratic Party Chairman for Oakland county Michigan, and Jason Bauer (the former Operations Officer) were arraigned on charges of filing false affidavits and forged documents before Oakland Circuit Judge James Alexander.

Read the rest at The Freedomist

My friend the late Chetly Zarko broke this story originally along with Jason Gillman.

Robo ban

Now this is something that might get bi-partisan support...

Or at least it should....

March 16, 2011

Statue of Liberty Has to Go!

Here's a little tid bit indicating what is being taught and proclaimed by those "peaceful" Islamic believers.

Any bets about the MSM bringing the light of day on this?

You have to read all of the laws...

So the Dane County DA says the Budget Repair vote was illegal.

Nice try but he is wrong.

The conference committee meeting was entirely legal. Let's start with ss. 19.87, which covers open meetings. Normally, you need a minimum of two hours notice in an emergency, 24 hours all other times. But then we come to 19.87(2):

(2) No provision of this subchapter which conflicts with a rule of the senate or assembly or joint rule of the legislature shall apply to a meeting conducted in compliance with such rule.


So then we go to the Senate rules. Senate Rule 93 covers special session, which applies in this case because the conference committee convened to discuss Special Session Assembly Bill 11, the budget repair bill.

Senate Rule 93 (2) states:
Senate Rule 93 (2)

(2) A notice of a committee meeting is not required other than posting on the legislative bulletin board, and a bulletin of committee hearings may not be published

If you ignore the senate special sessions rules you can make a case that the vote was illegal, unfortunately for this partisan DA you can't ignore those rules.

Thanks to the Troglopundit who looked up the statutes.  It really is a shame the Madison DA could not be bothered to do the same.

This was bound to happen.

Remember this enviro commercial with a polar bear hugging a Nissan Leaf owner?

As enviro-nuts keep pushing the image that polar bears are soft docile creatures what happens when people start believing that tripe?

Something entirely predictable.

Our 51st State?

If the libs have their way.

Come to think of it, can Madison secede?

Teach the children....

But it worries me when vile people who care more about their benefits than those children are the people doing it.

March 15, 2011

An editorial comment.

The tragedy in Japan is no subject for cheap jokes, if anyone goes there in comments those comments will be deleted and whoever made the comment will be banned.

A boondoggle of boondoggles

With your tax money.

About time.

House moves to defund NLR (National Liberal Radio)

Can we send the bill to WEAC?

Que Pasa? Parlez vous?

It's about time!!! If you want to live in the US you should speaka-da-english!! This needs full support of everyone who believes in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!

Just think of the cost savings of ink and paper in our Government alone when you don't have to print everything in multiple languages. I don't care what people speak at home or at parties or between themselves if they are multi-lingual, but it's time we raised the bar to a reasonable level of expectation of all people living in the USA!!

The we did it & we want to make sure the other side never does it to us amendment.

Tim Cullen everybody, don't forget to tip your waitress.

New poll

There is a new poll up on the sidebar, vote!

Isn't this guy a merry ball of hatred.

Question: Why do Shorewood Liberals Cheat?

Because they get away with it.

This is a photo of a child trying to get signatures on a recall petition in front of a Walgreen's in Shorewood.  State law states that persons cicrculating these petitions must be of voting age, 18.  Photo Credit, Sara Conrad.

March 14, 2011

MRQ I think he's 12

fat cat villains poised to destroy the little guy  ALa
made me chuckle.  Owen
Platonic mirrors, or Aristotelian realism Dad29
pretending to be...  Izzy
With a few strokes Egg
doing it was wrong.  Trog
It's a clown show  Althouse  (Yes, it is)
carry on  Owen
I think he's 12  Wigdy
there's something in my DNA that can't look past dumb.  Dipity
can't climb the walls Holly
be an hour late for ANYTHING Dan
becoming Rainier Wolfcastle Conrad
Knit a sweater for your mouse  Aaron
just get off  Kate
Worth looking at  Pam
vandalized, not patronized Patrick
I don't appreciate this type of behavior. Tammy
a change for the better  Lou
worried about psychotic behavior  Lora

Why doesn't Barack (Censored) Obama pay his bill?



Let's see what is happening in the World of Emperor Obama over the recent month or so - Wisconsin battles with the Unions over Collective bargaining, Mubarak was forced to step down, Libya erupts into major violence, and still no federal budget in place for the last fiscal year.

What involvement has the Emperor had in these issues? Wisconsin - he sent his Organizing for America goons to make things worse for the tax payers of Wisconsin and try to protect his union buddies, ignoring the facts that to not make changes is to bankrupt the state of Wisconsin. He was essentially silent while waiting to see which way the wind was blowing in Egypt and then he cheered when the people of Egypt forced Mubarak to step down, he is silent on Libya, and he offers no substantive reductions to his spending binge on the budget issues.

Where are the Emperor's priorities? Well, he is finding time to begin brewing his own beer, play more golf, wrote an op ed piece about gun control (in between rounds of golf in Arizona), and directed our Justice department to break the law by ignoring the Defense of Marriage Act.

How's that "Hope & Change" working for us now??? This man does not even qualify to be an empty suit he is so inept and over his head. But he loves playing the part of our President and all the trappings associated with it. What an embarrassment and a TOTAL FAILURE for our country!

I'll follow him... they are from Seattle, liberalism is their religion.