March 12, 2011

Ham vs Moore

I have a suggestion for Michael Moore, give up your money first, and since you are so focused on Wisconsin, give it the government here.  Not your union pals that you don't find good enough to hire yourself, right into the general fund.

Come on Michael, pony up.

March 11, 2011


Whitewashed, color me not surprised.

Looks like the NFL needs Jesse Jackson and Michael Moore.

Dear NFL Fan,

When I wrote to you last on behalf of the NFL, we promised you that we would work tirelessly to find a collectively bargained solution to our differences with the players' union. Subsequent to that letter to you, we agreed that the fastest way to a fair agreement was for everyone to work together through a mediation process. For the last three weeks I have personally attended every session of mediation, which is a process our clubs sincerely believe in.

Unfortunately, I have to tell you that earlier today the players' union walked away from mediation and collective bargaining and has initiated litigation against the clubs. In an effort to get a fair agreement now, our clubs offered a deal today that was, among other things, designed to have no adverse financial impact on veteran players in the early years, and would have met the players’ financial demands in the latter years of the agreement.

The proposal we made included an offer to narrow the player compensation gap that existed in the negotiations by splitting the difference; guarantee a reallocation of savings from first-round rookies to veterans and retirees without negatively affecting compensation for rounds 2-7; no compensation reduction for veterans; implement new year-round health and safety rules; retain the current 16-4 season format for at least two years with any subsequent changes subject to the approval of the league and union; and establish a new legacy fund for retired players ($82 million contributed by the owners over the next two years).

It was a deal that offered compromise, and would have ensured the well-being of our players and guaranteed the long-term future for the fans of the great game we all love so much. It was a deal where everyone would prosper.

We remain committed to collective bargaining and the federal mediation process until an agreement is reached, and call on the union to return to negotiations immediately. NFL players, clubs, and fans want an agreement. The only place it can be reached is at the bargaining table.

While we are disappointed with the union's actions, we remain steadfastly committed to reaching an agreement that serves the best interest of NFL players, clubs and fans, and thank you for your continued support of our League. First and foremost it is your passion for the game that drives us all, and we will not lose sight of this as we continue to work for a deal that works for everyone.


Roger Goodell


Pray for Japan

More Wisconsin Union Thuggery

This is just the beginning, this is going to get really ugly.

That didn't take long.

Guess what caused the tsunamis?

H/T Dad29

Whatever will we do?

I'm not sure how the Republicans can do their jobs. How are they supposed to work with people shouting the word "Shame;" colleagues wearing orange shirts; protestors carrying signs; and busloads of people standing outside the building shouting bumper sticker slogans.

These strategies yet more proof that unions still function well in the past.

FYI, the teachers' unions are firing up the buses for another round this weekend.

Tax policy.....

Tax  policy has consequences.

Klavan on public sector unions

March 10, 2011

Folkbum too far

Public employee Jay Bullock issues death threats.

H/T Wigdy


The new tone.

The union and the left wing has declared war....

The new civility....  And yet Governor Walker was supposed to have deployed the National Guard long ago if you believe the hate left...

Maybe he should.

Obviously racists...

What a white crowd.....

Death Threats Abound...

From the tolerant compassionate left....

Peter has a good summary.

March 9, 2011

Do you have benefits like this?

When you retire do they pay you 19% of your salary plus your pension that you paid nothing for?

Are volunteers forbidden to protect your job?

Can you work 30 days and get a full years pay?

Do you make an extra 6 grand a year because your employer may need to "gasp" contact you?

Did the employee of the year in your company get fired?

Can you collect over a hundred grand worth of overtime?

Can you call in sick (get paid), go to work on the very next shift miraculously healed and make overtime while doing it?

The Guv has the details.

That's your tax dollars folks.

Collective Bargaining Curtailed For Public Employee Unions...

Finally, the state senate did something...

This will be misrepresented in every way you could possibly think of, but I'm glad it is finally done in the senate.

Attention union members...

Your attention is needed in Idaho, stat.


Ummmm, no.

Ex- Ill. Gov. Blagojevich asks to cancel retrial

This is truly precious...

Obamas take anti-bullying message to Facebook

The Obama's should make sure union leaders get that message.


If it was not clear before, it should be clear now, the Democrats have been bought and paid for by the unions.

As such I will no longer refer to Democrats with a (D), I will refer to Democrats with a (U). 

Bob Wirch (U), Kenosha.

$100 a day...

So the fleebaggers will have to find someone to pay their fines...

Seems Chris Abele has no problems paying fines, maybe he can do it.

My question is....


The fleebaggers have already cost us over a hundred million dollars in debt we will now not be able to refinance.  And for this we fine them a hundred bucks?  Too little too late.

We treat them with kid gloves while they fire back with shotguns.  It is time to throw those kids gloves away.

REA and RUSD reach deal

As dumb as it seems to sign a new contract with a the Budget Repair Bill still hanging out there and a referendum on the horizon, it has been done. At least 99% of the way. Some of the key points are a pay scale freeze (the steps still exist), health insurance deductibles, and pension payments made by the teachers themselves.

There is still fat to be trimmed both amongst the teachers' ranks and at the ASC, but it's a start. Hopefully, some wisdom will be injected in this district. A guy can hope can't he?

March 8, 2011

Happy Paczki Day

Unite!! (Well some of you anyway)

Is this the symbol of solidarity or of the fisting the unions give their low-seniority members?

I know it's crude, but an accurate statement nonetheless.

March 7, 2011

MRQ yelling and screaming

eating Lucky Charms and drinking green beer Candid Carrie
Grow a pair  Kate
which side to root for.  Elliot
an opinion worth spit.  Steve
utterly reliant on you  Jib
slightly hung over  Beejay
I have to admit a certain ignorance Trog  
ain't no one buying it   Dan
if the kuffiyeh fits  Kate
should get a tip for working so hard  Dipity
done by the chip monks.  Bussorah.
yelling and screaming  Ryan
You work for us  LibertyatStake

eeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  Frank

forgotten my kids names  Tom

left-handed beans.  Casper

stuffing my... Holly

doing it for my health  Jim

That's all I had time for, I've been out stimulating the economy.

Kenosha McDonald's?

So we learned today that some of the fleebaggers have been meeting with Republican State Senators at the Hwy 50 exit McDonald's in Kenosha.

If Scott Walker and the Republican Senators were as bad as the unions, the media and the state whiners (but I repeat myself)  have been saying; these Democrats would have been arrested and drug back to Madison.


Another day at the office -- compliments of Collective Bargaining

Here's another example of why our current collective bargaining system with the Public Unions is totally out of control and MUST BE CHANGED!!

This emeritus program (collectively bargained in Green Bay) gives one full year’s salary paid over three years,in addition to the regular pension benefits. In return, the retiree provides 10 days of service to the district each year during that time. The emeritus program is something that has been negotiated into the teachers’ contract through collective bargaining.

As a taxpayer I find this way beyond abuse and bordering on CRIMINAL!!! The "typical" teacher in Green Bay ready to retire is likely in the $75,000 salary range. The Green Bay school system has classes for around 176 days per year, paying that teacher a gross amount of $426 per teaching day. Under this outrageous program they will get $2500 per day for 10 days work!! That's a 586% increase in pay for the retired teacher willing to work the system and stick it to the taxpayer yet one more way.

Any of you out there still want to defend keeping collective bargaining untouched in Wisconsin???

Caption This

H/T Dad29

It is time.

Deem the fleebagger seats vacant and replace them.