February 26, 2011

No sign of the fleebaggers

I'm in Illinois today, no sign of the Fleebaggers yet.

If you can make it the recall Wirch effort is having a rally today at the Brat Stop.  Deatails at http://www.recallwirch.com/

February 25, 2011

Tax Payers Looking to Hold Fleebagger Wirch accountable

I support 1000% what the Tax Payers in Burlington are moving to do. Senator Wirch is one of the Fleebagger Dems who can be recalled and it looks like the Tax Payers of Kenosha County have an opportunity to hold him accountable to do the job he was elected to do. If you are one of those tax payers please find time to seek out the organizers and sign or even better help circulate the petition.

Thank You Burlington Tax Payers for taking action.

February 23, 2011

Public Unions a 50 year mistake...

So sayeth Jonah Goldberg.

Welcome Jimmy McMilan, plenty of room in the GOP tent.

The deficit is too damn high?

Absolutely it is.

The real racists

Union thugs who think people of certain skin pigments are not allowed to think for themselves.

Gee what do you know?

Public sector union workers do earn more.

Union thug alert.

This time a CWA worker attacks Tabitha Hale.

That's some nice new civlity there thugs.

Time to get a little bloody.

Union thuggery abounds.

The new civility

Don't ask the Fleebaggers any questions...

They will have you arrested if you break up their party.

Guess the number game


UPDATE: Chris nailed it out of the gate, total compensation for Fred Levenhagen the FOX LIES FOX LIES FOX LIES FOX LIES guy.

Almost 95 grand, summers off, and he has a bad deal....  Poor Fred.

February 22, 2011

Oh now this is precious!

Senate GOP leaders requiring missing Dems to pick up checks in person

In their latest attempt to force Dems back to the Senate, GOP leaders have voted to require their missing counterparts to pick up their paychecks, per diems or any expense check in person on the chamber floor.
Senate Org voted by paper ballot today 3-2 along party lines to impose the requirement on any senator absent without leave for two or more days.
The ballot also suspends direct deposit for any lawmaker absent and specifies the majority leader will only provide the checks to the missing senators and only on the Senate floor during a session day.

The Truth comes out...

I have many friends on Bookface who are teachers in Wisconsin. Oddly, it looks like only 4 people have "unfriended" me since this whole Madison protest debacle.
As I read the comments coming across, I see many of the teachers complaining about their harsh working conditions and how the rest just don't understand. I tried to listen.
Until yesterday. That's when I saw this little nugget of truth come across my wall from a teacher who had joined the protests :
"Starting the countdown. 15 days until Testing, (then BIG exhale...) 34 days until Spring Break... and 71 days until Summer Break!"
Yep, it's just like the rest of "us", but we just don't understand.
Remind me again who you work for? The union?

Who knew?

Cowardice is contageous.

Grothman holds impromptu listening session at Sheboygan event

Public employee protesters turned the Sheboygan Liberty Coalition's recent screening of The Cartel and visit from Senator Glenn Grothman into their very own listening session.

February 21, 2011

Crowder Dishes on Wisconsin

Uncle Jay rocks this week.

Well, he rocks every week but this week more than some others.

MRQ you may just irritate some lefty

you may just irritate some lefty  Paul
afraid an internet hookup ALa
you’ll become a philosopher  Socrates via Bussorah
an Epstein’s Mother sighting Peter 
oddly riveting Charlie
sliding down the the banisters…..naked  Kate
the outcome is predictable  Althouse
is it something deeper?  Patrick
pot-smoking/semi-drunks   Dad29
the State of Illinois welcomes corrupt and cowardly politicians  Steve
Party on.  OrbsCorbs
I somehow lost it Egg
Welcome to my world, sistah  CFR
I can’t find it anywhere.  Trog
hard to tell the whores from the whores Wigdy
get the crayons out   Chris

The new civility, part 7,652,750

Althouse got a death threat....

The hate left is in rare form.

What the left wingers are doing to our Capitol.

Walker talks to Heritage....

Comic relief: Hope: the Musical

A year ago, Hope: the Musical was hitting Germany. According to Speigel:
The plot charts Obama’s political career and simultanously follows a group of residents in an apartment-sharing community, showing how they all become infected by Obama’s message of change.
Too bad the show didn't make it to the U.S. to provide some comic fodder. These clips of the original version are worth their weight in gold (even at today's prices) for their comedic value - which comes from the contrast of what Obama promised to what he actually brought us. And how about checking out the Kenyan version? Easy for them to celebrate him - they didn't have to deal with his policies.

New WEAC policy.

It is apparnetly perfectly fine now if students turn in fraudulent work or excuses for missing school.

Make your voice heard.

This is hardly scientific but the results are interesting.

The Journal Sentinel is running a poll about Governor Walker's budget repair bill and the union response.

Vote and see the results here.

A fleebagger update.

Check out this exchange beween a citizen and one of the fleebaggers on The Badger 14.

How can you expect rational behavior from irrational people?

When Mrs. Robinson speaks it is worth a listen

Her target, phony Doctors notes.

February 20, 2011

Heritage on Wisconsin

Milwaukee Archbishop Listecki – Catholic Social Justice proponent

The Archbishop injected his thoughts into the current Madison “debate” this week over the issue of public unions and their right to collective bargaining. Among other comments he noted that “hard times do not nullify the moral obligation each of us has to respect the legitimate rights of workers."

I have three questions:

1. Is it not a bit disingenuous to make these comments considering the fact that Catholic school teachers are paid far less than their public school counterparts in terms of salary, retirement and benefits – partly (mostly?) because they cannot unionize and bargain collectively?

2. Will the Archbishop enthusiastically support unionization of Catholic school teachers and staff so that collective bargaining can take place, upholding that moral obligation to the legitimate rights of workers ?

3. Is it not a bit disingenuous to tell the State of Wisconsin how they should be doing business when your own organization recently decided to file for bankruptcy protection (due to the “sins of a few” being covered up by middle and sometimes upper management) – an option that the State of Wisconsin will not have when we collectively hit the wall?

Caption Contest

My friends at Redstate are running the following image in their Caption Contest...

Governor Walker on FNS, stand strong, you are supported