February 19, 2011

Andrew Breitbart got a sick note too.

Grandpa John is on fire....

First this nugget....

Also thoughts from Illinois Dems and the French.


A reference to the cowardly Wisconsin Senate Dems from a Malkin commenter, Pasadena Phil.


Your state employees. Aren't you proud to have them on your payroll

Vile nasty twits that we the taxpayers pay.  I'm sure they are proud...  Union proud.

The new civility, part 7,652,749

This left wing nutburger has seen Forrest Gump too many times.

Why do left wingers have to try and silence speech they do not like?

Wow, look who's back!

The Spottedhorse rides again.

Need a Doctors excuse?

They are handing them out like candy in Madistan.

Why is Dr. Hannah Keevil lying for teachers?  These are your ethical state employees.

From Media Trackers...

From The MacIver Institute

Ain't Democrats ethical creatures?  I'm sick too, sick and tired of their unethical behavior.

Just a Thought from a Free Thinking Teacher

In the middle of this heated debate over pension, benefits and workers' rights* there is something buried within this bill that will be largely ignored. That is my choice to be a dues paying union member. I teach because I want to. I appreciate my salary and benefits tremendously. Collective bargaining, workplace safety, job security, and the like are not rights nor is me holding my job. It is part of the freedom this great country was founded on. I chose to be a teacher; it was not afforded to me as part of American dream. If I do well at my job I should get compensated justly. If I do poorly I should be relieved of that privilege. I have no right to teach.

I worked in the private sector as I was earning my degree in education. During those 4+ years I sat at a desk and processed shipping documents, I received no raises and held no benefits. At no time in that part of my life did I feel entitled to more. Sure I wish I had more money and some good benefits, but that would mean I would have to find a job that might have been less conducive to my school schedule. Somehow I survived that time without a union to fight for me.

Why can't I have a choice to be in this union? I know I can opt out on paper, but they still abscond the money meant for my family. That's not part of the attack they claim to be fighting against? Why do unions get to take my money and spend it at their discretion? Why am I compelled fund those who are protesting in Madison? If this is about rights and choices, where is my choice to spend that money I earned as I wish? Nearly $1,000 a year is taken from me without my say. It's not for taxes or social security, it goes to pay for people who claim to have my best interests at heart. I don't remember asking for that component of the grand teaching experience.

I respect my colleagues and if they choose to participate in the union way, so be it. However, the unsung elephant in the mass of clashing humanity in Madison is my right to decide if I want that union to be part of my teaching career. Go ahead and protest and fight for your so called rights*. At the same time please let me have mine to make my own choice as a college educated risk-taking adult. I'm a teacher, not a union token with which to bargain.

* - Read The Jungle by Upton Sinclair if you want to learn about what workers rights actually means.

Terrorists From Within

The trial of Carlos Bledsoe AKA Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad who murdered my nephew and severely wounded his friend and fellow soldier 2 years ago in Little Rock, Arkansas is hopefully going to happen this July.

This terrorist has already confessed, yet the trial has been postponed several times. Pro-muslim groups will say that we are unfairly targeting the Muslim religion in trying Bledsoe for this murder.

When is our country going to wake up to the FACT that there are those who believe that Islamic law justifies terrorism - Jihad - as a legitimate means of spreading their religion and be better prepared for them? The article gives us a hint that US AG Holder does recognize this fact at least a little as evidenced by the arrest of 22 homegrown terrorists in the last year. Hopefully these hearings will bear fruit by increasing national awareness and a greater resolve to fight this internal threat. How many more home grown terrorists are out there right now? I hope the AG's team is very actively looking for them and can stop them before they can act on their plans to harm Americans.

We must, as a country, have the resolve to continue to actively seek out internal terrorists and root them out and stop them with a full understanding about their goal of a world ruled by Muslim law and the Jihad that exists to accomplish that goal. I DO NOT paint all those who believe in the basic tenants of Islam as terrorists, but I do call on those who do not believe in this Jihad to speak out more and help us identify those who are participating in this Jihad against us.

I would also hope that Emperor Obama would stand up and lead this fight instead of being weak and sympathetic in his effort to "not offend" the peaceful Muslims in our country. Why can't he stand up and call on those "peaceful" Muslims to step up and prove their peacefulness by helping us?

This is not a problem easily solved nor will it be solved quickly. This conflict started way back in biblical times and will continue long term, but we must engage in the struggle and protect our country actively, agressively and for the long run.

Isn't little Mikie Tate precious?

The boy genius of the Wisconsin Democrats is at it again.

As you may know Mike Tate has called all TEA Party attendees racists and worse.

When asked about the hateful rhetoric from union thugs in Madison Tate changed his tune.  You can really see the hypcorisy of the left through their chosen leader.

February 18, 2011

Federal Court Rebukes Obama

It seems he can't just make stuff up.

The RDW Poll

There is a new poll up on the sidebar, vote!

Feb 19th Rally in Madison

I got the following press release from American Majority.

Contact: Matt Richter


Rally at State Capitol in Support of Budget Repair Bill

Mequon, WI – As the week has progressed, Wisconsin and the Nation has watched schools across Wisconsin close due to teachers participating in a "sick out", the unions bussing people in from other states to inflate their rally numbers in Madison and legislators fleeing the state to avoid the vote on the budget repair bill.

It’s time the voices of the Wisconsin people are heard.

Rally in Support of the Budget Repair Bill
Saturday, February 19th Noon to 3 PM
Madison, State Capitol East Entrance
American Majority is committed to empowering citizens, activists and candidates with the necessary tools to successfully engage in the political process to help further the cause of individual liberty and limited government. American Majority believes that by equipping today’s growing number of grassroots activists with effective political techniques everyday citizens become an effective political force within their communities. American Majority opened its Wisconsin office in October 2010.

For more information about American Majority, please visit http://www.americanmajority.org/.

American Majority is a non-profit and non-partisan political training institute that believes change must begin at the local level, through engaged citizens effectively implementing freedom. We believe that individual liberty is achieved through limited government and free markets. We believe in lowering the barrier to entry for citizen participation in our republic. By training candidates and activists to be effective today, we are enhancing America's tomorrow. Visit us on the web at www.americanmajority.org or follow us on Twitter @americamajority.
Andrew Breitbart, Jim Hoft, Ned Ryun, Herman Cain, Vicki McKenna and others.

Another letter just went out to Racine Unified Staff.

Much the same as this morning but this struck me.

While we understand and honor that our employees have substantiated reasons for being out of their schools, let me reaffirm that it is my expectation that you report to work every day next week. In accordance with District policies, failure to report to work will leave an employee open to disciplinary action if prior approval was not given by the employee’s supervisor.

I applaud Supernintendent Shaw for his stance.

The new civility of the unions

Looks just like the old civility of the unions.

I just wonder why the media is not running these pictures?  Find one nut with a Hitler sign at a TEA party event and that will be the focus.  Many more than that at union events and they never make the reports.

Why is that?

Even hiding cowardly Senator Lena Taylor has been throwing out the Hitler references at every opportunity.  FYI Senator "Do you know who I am?", Hitler ABOLISHED unions.  Governor Walker is not going anywhere near that far but then you get your mug on TV by being ridiculous.

RUSD letter to teachers...

Frankly I'm surprised about this.

Feb. 17, 2011

Dear Racine Unified Staff:

There is no doubt about the mounting challenges public education in our state is facing. Despite our considerable amount of substitute teachers, we were unable to fill all of the vacancies caused
by staff members reporting absences today. The decision to close our schools was a difficult one
to make but one that was necessary to ensure the safety and security of our students.

Your presence of leading instruction in our classrooms and supporting school operations is
essential to helping guarantee our students reach our combined North Star vision. While we
understand and honor that our employees have substantiated reasons for being out of their
schools, I stress how important it is to fully staff our buildings to provide a learning environment
that all of our students deserve. I expect you, as leaders in Racine Unified schools, to report to
work tomorrow, Friday, Feb. 18. In accordance with District policies, failure to report to work
will leave an employee open to disciplinary action if prior approval was not given by the
employee’s supervisor.

We must remind you that sick leave days are for your own personal illness. Therefore, you may
not call in sick to attend any events. If you call in sick on February 18, you will be asked to
verify per your medical provider that you are to be excused due to an authenticated illness and/or

The mission of Racine Unified schools is to educate every student to succeed. We must continue
this focus and are committed to working cooperatively with our employee unions to ensure the
best outcomes for our children.

Our children depend on us. Even with the challenges many of our students face beyond our
school walls, they will come to school tomorrow ready to learn.

James J. Shaw, Ph.D.
Superintendent of Schools

February 17, 2011

With apologies to Mr. McMahon...

I have to present the 27-block fantasy world of Spencer Coggs.

I just can’t sit silent on this. As a history major, I was stunned when I heard Spencer Coggs comparing what governor Walker is doing to introducing “legalized slavery.”
Wow, I thought! Are you kidding me?? He’s going to get hammered for being that stupid!

Did I miss the hammer?

Where is the outrage from the An-American community? If they don’t care that someone is so flippant about slavery, is the shame over then?? Can anyone compare un-perfect working conditions? Well, lets review:
(ok, so Fred seems to have broken the internet. To see this larger, and legible, go here:

Anybody AT ALL in the African-American community want to humiliate and just tell this idiot that....he's an idiot??? Hello??

*yes, this was partially stolen. If you recognized the lyric, you know why.

Seems the union in Ohio has nothing on Wisconsin.


I bet they go to the same civilty seminars.


Democrat Senators run away.

More union trash...

Literally, Althouse has the pictures.

Liberal sympathy...

The new tone....

Obama's accounting tricks.

I can balance the budget in the next ten years....

He is ignoring payments on the MASSIVE debt.

Blind partisan lemming democrats won't care though.

Minnesota has similar problems to Wisconsin.

Minnesota also has a new Governor, a Democrat.

Minnesota Considers Nation's Highest Tax Rate

With friends like this...

Who needs enemy's?

RUSD Teachers Pull a Madison.

It is all about the children after all.

February 16, 2011

Time for Obama to throw Tim Geithner under the bus.

Caption This

Why is it that wherever the left goes....

They leave their crap behind?

Caption This

Did you see the hidden awesomeness in this video?

See the fedora?  Steve Egg was LOVING this.

The hate left being themselves


8% is all Godzilla could muster?

I think Chairman Holloway needs a new lizard symbol.

About that new tone.... Part 7,539,802

How does KILL the bill fit into the new tone of civility?

Picture credit.

Truly Embarrassed

Today I am truly embarrassed to be considered a colleague with the busloads of teachers protesting in Madison. I am embarrassed that I am part of the same profession as those who have knowingly put their politics and paychecks ahead of their students. I am shamed by those who have willingly brought their politics into the classroom by encouraging their students to protest. I am ashamed of the unions who purportedly represent me through hate filled rhetoric and unreasoned discourse. I feel the most embarrassment at those who are there and claim to be professional. You are not and can never be considered as such.

As I sit here less than an hour from welcoming my kids into class, many other students in Wisconsin will be greeted by a substitute as their teacher motors toward Madison full of vitriol and venom for Governor Walker. I guess you might say they are upset at the bill, but the bill is only the vehicle used to drive the anger at Walker. This show of solidarity will accomplish nothing and harm the students who are without their teacher today.

While I am not happy about the potential of losing some of my take-home pay, if it leads to a state and school system that is more viable, so be it. I can think for myself, read the facts and make my own decision. Unfortunately, many union-minded teachers cannot.

February 15, 2011

Guess the number


Alderman Helding nailed it, total number of votes cast in the Racine Mayoral primary.

That my friends is pathetic.

How dare you!

How dare you be an African American and not march in lockstep with the left.

The real racists are on display again.

Why is team Obama lying?

This filth was in my inbox from Obama's Organizing to Destroy America.

The state legislature may vote as soon as this week on Gov. Scott Walker's radical plan to strip Wisconsin's public employees of the right to organize.

Walker is not taking away the ability of state workers to organize.  Maybe he should if this is the kind of low brow uncivil rhetoric we are going to get from the direct representatives of Barack (Censored) Obama.

He is proposing an attack on our public workers -- from those who teach our children to those who plow our streets -- taking away their ability to fight for the better working conditions and pay all our families need and deserve.

State workers would still be able to collectively bargain for wages and their benefit packages will still be far better than those in the private sector.  From this uncivil tone you would think Walker was lining up Scott Walker to flog them.

The bill is coming up for a vote just days after it was introduced, leaving no time for public debate. Gov. Walker has even alerted the National Guard to be ready in the event of "labor unrest."

Umm, the bill is up for public debate today and tomorrow.  Your scare tactic with the National Guard is ridiculous.  This was a contingency plan in case corrections workers walked off the job, nothing more.

I could go on but I won't, the President and his paid union buddies are stretching the truth and using scare tactics.  Civility?  Not from the President, his loyal minions or the unions that give so much of their money to him.

The teachers who brought these students should be fired too.

Tom Barrett on Walker's union reforms...

They don't go far enough.

This union whiner should be fired.

Yeah, fired.  His political agenda has no room in the classroom.

As a side note today...

Yeah, that's probably not good.

A captive fund raising source for the Democrats. How unethical can you get?

One of the reasons why the Wisconsin State Workers unions are crying the blues right now is the Governor's proposal would allow state workers to opt out of paying union dues if they chose to do so.

Of course the unions position is we fight for all employees so they should pay dues.

Well what about politics?  The unions take part of those dues and they give it to political activity. And this giving is almost exclusively to Democrats.  I am aware that SEIU members have been told they will face two mandatory deductions that will go straight to the re-election effort of Barack (Censored) Obama.

Here is a link that shows the largest political contributors over the last 21 years.  You can see how much each organization has given and what percentage went to each party.

As you can clearly see the vast majority of union giving goes straight into Democratic coffers.  Look at the SEIU, 100% democrat.  I can assure you not all SEIU members are Democrats.

So what we have here is state money being laundered through the unions to give back to Democrats for political purposes.  Seriously folks, how unethical can you get?

While you are looking at the information there take a peek at corporate giving.  As leftists complain about  the Citizens United case you can clearly see that most corporations split up their corporate giving.  Sure some tend left, Time Warner gave 80% to Democrats, some tend right, the Altria Group gave 70% to Republicans.  However, most corporations give to both parties.

Not the unions though, go ahead take a look, reality is quite different from leftist talking points and what the media presents. (I repeat myself)

So as Democrats line up to demagogue this issue remember they are paying back all the lovely union money they have and hope to continue getting.

Today more than ever....

A reader suggested a change.  For the show me the name crowd.

Union thugs are out in force.

Union thugs continued their lowbrow tactics yesterday by protesting at the home of Senator Van Wanggaard.

Picket the office, fine.  The home should be off limits.

Civility by the left?  Don't count on it.

February 14, 2011

MRQ I'd recommend a taser

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Oh no disgruntled teachers holding signs

This ought to change Walker's mind.

Actually this story is only reporting the first salvo the union plans on firing. They also want us teachers to burn personal days and head to Madison for more sign holding. Dear teachers' unions, the 1970's called they want their ideas back!

That new tone of civlity...

Don't expect it from the Wisconsin Democrats.

February 13, 2011

What am I to do?

I received a robocall from WEAC yesterday stating that I need to call my legislators so that they don't pass the labor bill. They say that Scott Walker is trying to kill my family!!! Unions never resort to sensationalizing rhetoric do they?

It's about time that the decades old union structure be taken to task. Unfortunately, it appears the government has to intervene since the unions have a successful group of lemmings within their ranks. As a public employee, I am ready to accept what needs to be done. My family will find a way to survive. If I can't make ends meet down the road, then I may have to seek employment that will provide better support.

As a teacher in the first half of my career, I am well aware that three teachers' unions, which take my money, don't care about me and do little to nothing to help me or my family. It's time for change.