January 29, 2011

Suppose you didn't vote....

Talk about being disenfranchised.

JSOnline using Lombardi trophy.

Knowing how the NFL protects their trademark I was surprised to see the Journal Sentinel using the Lombardi trophy as part of their logo.

I wonder if they will get their hand slapped for this?

January 28, 2011

Who am I?

This one took a while. Glad he's OK.

Friday Haiku

Another work week

More global warming en route

Break out the fire wood.

This could get ugly....

Will there be a chocolate drought? World’s supply of sustainable cocoa could run out by 2014

What's next? Coffee?

The Emperor believes we are Fools!!

Does anyone actually think the Emperor is moving toward the political center or becoming more conservative? He and his minions are now claiming he is "Reagonesque". What a bunch of tripe!!

The Emperor with the willing and enthusiastic help of his regime minions and the state controlled media are trying to cast himself as a leader who could fill the shoes of Ronald Reagan.

We've read countless times from the Emperor's book about how he hated Reagan and his policies. One of the Emperor's stated reasons for wanting power was to do away with what Reagan had accomplished. Everything the Emperor says on being like Reagan is a pack of Lies!! The Emperor never met Reagan but now Time magazine photoshops a cover picture and writes a glowing story about how much they are alike. More Lies and fabrication from never never land.

How about you lefties out there - what do you think about this comparision? During Reagan's time as president the left spent every day despising him and his policies. Telling us how stupid Reagan was and how quickly Reagan was moving toward senility. Now because the Emperor is in trouble, it's time to try to fool us into thinking the Emperor has changed?!

But what about the parrallels you might ask? Yes - Reagan lost both houses in that midterm election. His popularity went down to 35%. But the economy in Reagan's case came back that next year, came back at 7% GDP growth. Is there any chance that the Emperor's ratings will rebound or the economy show that kind of growth? Not a chance!! If the Emperor gets half of that, he's extremely lucky. One very stark difference is that you always knew where Ronald Reagan stood. Reagan was consistent about the fact that government is the problem, not the solution. Does any one think the Emperor will ever change his mantra that Government is the solution?

In Reagan's farewell address he warned us about people like the Empreror, people who would downplay America's exceptionalism. People who would mock Patriotism. In 1989 Reagan was warning us of exactly what we've got, and not just in the Emperor but the Democrat Party at large. And yet, here comes TIME Magazine and the rest of the Drive-By Media trying to tell us, and the Emperor himself trying to tell us that he's just like Reagan. The Emperor claims to have studied Reagan in his preparation for the State of the Union speech, but we know what he really thinks about Reagan. He's told us in his books: resentment, dislike and distain. The Emperor thinks Reagan destroyed America and set up a situation where the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and there is a widening gap between rich and poor, which is unfair and needs to be made more fair through redistribution of the wealth via more government controls and programs. According to the Emperor's writings, Reagan was the epitome of heartlessness, had no compassion. But now that it's obvious the Emperor is in trouble as he looks toward 2012 and thinks about what his "legacy" might look like, he needs to try to recast his public image. Watch as the media begins this full court press using all the smoke and mirrors they can muster over the next months. I find it very interesting and reavealing that when Democrats need to look back to history, when the Emperor's regime, the media, the American left needs to look back to history to try to connect with the majority of people in this country, they have to go to one of the greatest Republican presidents of all time and try to pull it off. Don't be fooled by the rhetoric of the Narcisist in Chief, watch what he does to judge who he is. What will the Emperor's "legacy" be? Complete FAILURE -- The total opposite of how we remember Reagan on what would have been his 100th birthday.

The Obama Economy

Destory profitable business that you don't like, prop up unoprofitable business that you do like.

January 27, 2011

Quick Healer

Jay Quitler is feeling better apparently.

Do you have what it takes to be a citizen auditor?

Liberty on the rocks is  working to stop gov't waste and corruption in the state of Wisconsin by conducing a "citizen auditor" training and contest.

There is a citizen training being held in Milwaukee this Sunday, Jan 30 at the Sugar Maple from 2:30-4PM  in conjunction with the Independence Institute, the National Taxpayers Union and the MacIver Institute. There is a Facebook event page set up here.

These folks are serious about uncovering waste, they are ponying up with cash, up to $250.  The training class is free.

Here is testimonial from someone who has participated in the program.

About those melting Himalayan glaciers.....

It seems the opposite is true.
Never has a group been wrong so often and still been taken so seriously.

Puppy Bowl VII Lineup announced.

I'm a Duncan fan.

January 26, 2011

Best Video EVER

This reminds me of someone....

Eric Marcus is playing rough...

RACINE – “While the mayor was deciding what to bet on a Packer’s victory in the Super Bowl with Illinois mayors and President Obama in Washington, here in Racine more people lost their jobs, more homes went into foreclosure, and more people worried about whether they will be next,” according to Alderman Eric Marcus, candidate for Mayor of Racine.

Homes are being rehabbed with Federal funds by the lowest bidding workers without concern about qualifications and without ensuring those workers live in Racine. One concerned employee was suspiciously fired within a day of reporting violations.

The Village of Caledonia is seriously considering buying more of its water from Oak Creek. Its contract with Racine ended eight years ago. If we do not keep this business, you can expect your water rates to rise significantly beyond the 15.5% already requested this year and jobs will be lost. The Becker-Dickert administrations have not placed a priority on resolving the issue choosing to make a “final offer” and then walking away from the table.

The labor force and number of people employed has dropped from August to November and hundreds have quit looking for work according to the Workforce Development Department yet John Dickert touts decreasing unemployment. Anyone can decrease the unemployment percentage by decreasing the workforce. What we need is new industry, new business and new jobs.

At least the mayor was able to get a taste of just how hard it is to do business in Racine. While he was away in Washington it turned out that he had failed to get an occupancy permit for his own campaign office even though he had staff working there. If walking from his office to the building department is hard imagine how tough it is to build a business here.

The mayor proposed a 1% tax increase which became a 2.7% tax increase the next day when he realized his math was wrong. What the mayor didn’t address was top heavy City Hall management and new ways of more effectively serving the people of the City.

“Eighteen months ago you promised us a plan, we never got one – just pie-in-the-sky wishes without any support. There’s nothing different in Racine since you were elected except more people are hurting. I have told the people of Racine what I will do in my first ten minutes in office and what they can expect from me in the first 90 days. What are you going to do that will make a difference in our citizens’ life and why haven’t you done it?” said Marcus.

Welcome home John Dickert – perhaps you can find time to address our problems.

Please visit our website at: http://www.marcusformayor.org/

For Immediate Release
Contact: www.marcusformayor.org

Racine GOP Release. (They are spot on)

For Immediate Release
January 26, 2011
Contact:  Bill Folk, Chairman, 414-975-3600

State Democrats are becoming desperate
Congressman Ryan represents WI well

Last night Congressman Paul Ryan responded to President Obama's State of the Union Speech.  His thoughtful response highlighted the stark contrast between the fiscal irresponsibility of the Obama Administration and the Republican position.  Congressman Ryan spoke about the $3 trillion dollars that Democrats have recklessly added to the deficit in two short years, and what Congressional Republicans are doing to ensure that the will of the people, as expressed in the overwhelming mandate of November, is upheld.
It took less than 12 hours for the State Democrat Party to pull out the political tricks rather than respond with real solutions here in Racine County.  Flyers containing the false claim that "Paul Ryan's budget plan relies on massive cuts to Medicare, including a ration program" were distributed today in Racine County and throughout the 1st Congressional District yesterday.
"While the Parties may not agree with each other, it is up to us to put out reasoned responses not continue with scare tactics like those employed by the State Democrat Party this morning," stated Bill Folk, Racine County Republican Party Chairman.  "By continuing to scare seniors and ignoring the fact that the program needs to be reformed for those that will need it in the future only continues to create a divide with no fix."
Congressman Ryan's Road Map for America's Future preserves Medicare in its current form for all people over the age of 55.  This is stated plainly in the Road Map, which may be found at http://www.roadmap.republicans.budget.house.gov/
"The "vouchers" handed out by the Democrats are insulting and juvenile at best, and are based on their deliberate misrepresentation of the bill," commented Chairman Folk, adding "Maybe they should fully read what the Congressman is proposing before continuing the spread of false claims.  The voters of Wisconsin deserve better, they deserve civility and truth, not insults and lies."

Against tort reform?

Exhibit one.

Looks like Obama

has lost the AP

Well done Paul!

January 24, 2011

MRQ paralyzed from a hickey

I am going to have to blame Chris  Kate  (Doesn't everyone?)
working or watching Idol  Bruce
paralyzed from a hickey   Owen
I already hate you FIB's!I already hate you FIB's!  RWWackoStu
we’re screwed  Trog
a pair of goal posts.  Dan
a future in cutting corners  Dipity
quotable.  Wigdy (indeed)
select English (Pirate) Nancy
we *knew* this was going to happen  Patrick
an emotional tailspin  Dipity
dated hook up Will
Fat, drunk and stupid Brian
the kiss of death. Pete
very pouty Holly
Pay Up CFR
I will never understand the mind Aaron
A long walk for nothing! Shoebox
took less than ten minutes Carrie
I'll find a nice party  Kevin
annoying as hell.  Nick
upset again Wigdy
in full meltdown Egg
drinks and peanuts Hohner
Velvet Jones  Jones.
love FIBs Fraley
cracked a knuckle  Wendy
Redistribute some Superbowl tickets.  RDW

Caption This

Something is wrong in Chicago.

They are holding Chicago Democrats to election laws?

Well, at least one judge said it was ok if you didn't actually, ya know, "live" there over the prior year.  So hope is still alive.

The Halas trophy.

Am I the only one who thought it was odd that the presentation of the George S. Halas trophy was done in the locker room instead of on the field?

Jay Cutler.

I finally figured out who Jay Cutler reminded me of.

Jeff George, except George had a better arm.  Same screwy head case.

The Commies are coming the Commies are coming....

Seriously, they are on the bus...