January 22, 2011

Get 'em!

Wisconsin Humane Society.


Well, that makes the rhetoric more civil.

How about it, minions?

Did your Savior come through for you or is it just not his fault?

FISHY? You decide

The Emperor decided to setup another "Advisory Committee" - this one on jobs and economy. His choice for leading it his buddy from GE. Anything fishy here?

Chicago style politics manual says no big deal, find a loop hole. GE's finance arm is not classified as a bank. Rather, it worked its way into the rescue program by owning two relatively small Utah banking institutions.

So now GE can bonus their execs whatever they want and doesn't have to follow the TARP bonus rules since it's not officially a bank - but owning a cuople of little banks they can get TARP $'s.

To add insult to injury the Emperor appoints GE top exec to be chairman of the Emperor's new advisory committee on jobs and the economy set up by executive order. It smells like ROTTEN FISH to me.

Hey you Lib defenders out there -- why is it you continue to claim it's those "Evil Republicans" who are always looking out for the big business execs with special tax incentives etc...??

January 21, 2011

Just in case you missed this...

Wow, good for him!

Paul Ryan will be giving the Republican response to the State of the Union.

Playoff predictions?

Steelers and Packers will exit the weekend with tickets to Dallas.

I'm back....

Sorry for the slow posting over the last couple of days, I've been afk at a conference.

New Welfare program from the Obama Regime

The Emperor's regulators have decreed that the Comcast buyout of NBC has a few strings attached.

(from the article) The regulators said: If we let you do this, you are going to have to make available to 2-1/2 million low-income households high-speed Internet access for less than $10 a month, only to the poor. Also to the poor, you're going to have to make available personal computers, netbooks, iPads, and other equipment for less than $150; and then "an array of digital literacy opportunities." Then you must "maintain or increase local programming at the ten NBC and 16 Telemundo TV stations," and you must "increase children's programming, including adding 1500 more on-demand titles" through your movie repertoire.

Yet another way to buy votes has been found by the Emperor's team.

January 19, 2011

Packer Hype.

I just got off the phone with Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Sharif Durham.  Sharif is prepping a story about people who use Twitter during Packer games.

Could be interesting...

Attention Wisconsin Union Members.

Don't believe everything that gets sent to you.

January 18, 2011

Hate Speech

From talk radio... Probably not what you think.

The new kinder gentler rhetoric at work.

Check out this bit of irony from the WTDY website.

Wednesday On Sly In The Morning:   Why Is Insulting People So Popular? 

If you would like to reach out to Sly's boss:  rex@wtdy.com


This guy is lucky Wisconsin does not have the death penalty.

The press has the headline all wrong again.

There are lots of headlines about the lavish State dinner put on for Hu Jintao of China.

Isn't Hu Jintao picking up the check?  The headline should read Hu Jintao puts on lavish State dinner for Obama.

Bear Kill Tag

Lookie what Stu got.

Where are the tax forms Zach?

Zach is having a s**t fit because Senator Johnson's constituent services web site is not up yet.

Kevin Binversie (who has more inside knowledge than Zach ever will)  left the following comment on Zach's post.

Hi, since I’m actually able to talk to people about this, it’s not Johnson or his office’s fault. The Senate IT folks are taking forever to get around to him because of the large freshman class of Senators (I was told they did Senators in alphabetic order by states, so “Wisconsin” got hosed.) and it’s a bureaucratic hang-up in the Senate Administrative offices. Add in the 3-Day weekend now going on in DC and it won’t get done until sometime next week.

Kevin provides a reasoned and true explanation as to the delay, guess what the response was? 

Civility?  Thanks for the information?  Rational rhetoric?

Nah, all they really want to do over there is bash Senator Johnson.  There is no interest in truth.

Funny though, tax forms aren't even available yet and will not be available for some time due to the delay caused by the former Congress in waiting until the lame duck session to deal with this issue.  This will impact people all over the country

E-File probably will not be available until late February, it may stretch into March. 

Funny, I'm sure by the time people figure out this real problem and want to issue a complaint with Senator Johnson's office his constituent services section will be operational so people can complain about how Russ Feingold's Senate caused problems with people trying to file their tax returns.


It is time to show James Hansen for what he is....

Where's George?

Who put George in a box?

January 17, 2011

MRQ Place Cutler Cutlet here

make Kathy proud  Kate
14 hours of sleep just isn’t enough  Patrick
ought to be a riot.  Owen  (Watch that rhetoric Robinson)
pay a lot more.  Dad29
telling the audience to applaud blue
embarrassed to be a liberal  Denis
wipe the slobber off.  Mary
tell us that to our face   The Sheriff
violent-sounding things come out of my mouth  Trog
playoff doughnuts,  ASIW
here to keep me company  Dipity
I feel like an evil Ed McMahon  Casey
illegal in all 57 states.  Shoebox
Land 'O Cheese Nancy
a 3-point home-dog Kevin
Best Cylon Pete
criminlaize Irish Coffee.  Nick
Reince! Reince! Baby! Wigdy
Place Cutler Cutlet here  Egg
lock her in a closet TAB
You said "ass"  Michael
new parents are naming their babies Tramon  Lance
Tom Brady's sissy hair  Phel
it was an accident!  CFR
promising to be civil Dean
soaking in a giant tub  Dipity
Ice now melts at #12 degrees. RDW
I am NOT Holly
What is wrong with you?! Allie

I'm "usually" pretty..." CFR

So much for gentility  Kate

got to be an omen Frank


beat dat ass  James T


Know your real enemy?

1. Bosnians
2. U.S. government
3. Drug cartels/rogues
4. Turks
5. U.S. government
6. China
7. Sangala (??)
8. Russians

1. What is this list?
2. What is missing from the list?
3. Seriously?

***UPDATE: Steve got it. I was told I just had to watch this great show. After watching the first 3 seasons of manufactured ‘terrorists’, I just about gagged when I found out it was vindictive Turks that wanted to bring down America in season 4.
Oh sure, “mid-eastern countries’ are mentioned….but are falsely accused. I know its off the air (and I’m kinda glad) but this show was lauded by many people. I’m kinda glad I never watched it when it was on.

Now if I could only get that time back…