January 15, 2011

On to the NFC Chamionship Game

The New Green Economy....

Exporting jobs to China.

I have not looked but how much do you want to bet that they got stimulus money?


An Arizona shooting victim who blamed Sarah Palin rather than the actual nut that shot him has been arrested for yelling a death threat to an Arizona TEA party leader.

I blame Obama


Even Al Sharpton's listeners see through the left wing blame machine

Cut Spending.

77% are in favor....

Of course the other 23% are probably the recipients of said spending.

Free Speech?

In Canada, not so much.

Remember the "virtual" fence.

Virtual is the new word for imaginary.

How to celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr?

Why invite a terrorist as an honored speaker of course.

January 14, 2011

Congratulations Reince!

Congratulations to my friend Reince Priebus, new RNC Chairman!

Another GW Dire Prediction Gone Wrong.

James Hansen this time.

Never before has a group been so wrong so often and still been taken so seriously.

Blame Righty....

Malkin has a summary of how the left wing in recent memory blames the right for so much without an ounce of actual, you know, proof.

They have been wrong time and time again.  Actually it kind of remids me of the global warming crowd.

The eviro nuts are getting smarter...

Now they are putting out their scare scenarios 989 years.  It does make it harder to disprove their Chicken Little scare tactics.

Don't be a Dupenik

Thug Rule

Lee Holloway's Milwaukee.

January 12, 2011

Why don't they ever mention this when they are campaigning.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn just won re-election in November (well, election really he took over for the corrupt former Governor, Rod "Pistachio" Blagojevich". 

Funny, Quinn never mentioned while campaigning a 66% increase in the Illinois income tax. I wonder why?  Hey, at least they came down from 75%!

Hey, Illinois, bring your jobs up north!

Amazing, isn't it?  The same people who are in the watch the rhetoric camp just increased state income taxes by 66%.  What do they want the people of Illinois to do, smile and say "thanks very much can you increase my taxes some more?".

Sometimes anger is justified.

Oh, while they are increasing the income tax 66%, they are not cutting anything.  But the responsible leaders of Illinois are going to cap government growth at 2%.

Nice, aren't they?

You think Illinois is cranky now?  Just wait until the Packers beat the Bears for the NFC Championship in two weeks.

Hey, if we draw dollar signs instead of gun sights is that still hate?

GW Excuses

January 10, 2011

MRQ suspicious bagels.

a dirty word.  Kate
this man is enornous.  Althouse.
better not stop.  Paul
Get off easy ALa
villains to shoot at  Denis
spread the love Mdme Zoltar
Marked by immorality and perversion  Frank
you can sell their children   Jones.
on my way to Drinking Right Dipity
The liberals are right. Aaron
yelling and playing  Ric
sure was good at it!  Jimi
getting out of bed  Wigdy
Karma DAWG  Marie

misspelling of the day  Jenna

partied too much in college Christian

very muddy Raydene

I'm hungry  Patrick

gotta find "the good stuff"  TAB

in another castle  Nick

can sack me any time!!! Tammy.

don't like each other  Conrad

antiques showing off their antiques  Dan


suspicious bagels Shoebox

fixing the economy Nancy 

my imagination  Carrie

bubble wrap.  Kevin

Thanks Vick  Pete

avoid the dagger   Wigdy

Hooray meat! Egg

creeped me out  Jones

a human genetic problem  Dean

put out to pasture with Dick Clark  Tom

by we, I mean hubby  Wendy

spinning like a slot machine  Me.

Never waste a crisis part 6,583,176

Randy has up an attempt at a voter registration document to Jared Loughner out to be a Republican.

Only problem, it is faked.

The left is just going to new lows to try and make political attacks based on nothing. 

Guilty until proven innocent

Randy has a nice summary of the left wing's blame game.