January 7, 2011

A Weekend Haiku.

Wind chills below one

Packers playoff game Sunday

Might not leave the couch.

5/7/5  you try now.

Damn SUV's!

I'm sure this is all Gorebal warming's fault.

The Teflon Oprah

Everything tha The Oprah touches, turns to gold.

We know this from the products she uses to the presidential candidates she supports and from the books she sells….and causes she has helped champion.

Do not lie or cross The Oprah, though.

She will bring you back on national TV to excoriate you.

Isn’t that what happened to James Frey? She brought him back on the show after helping him sell millions of books to tell him – in front of her vast audience – that “You conned us all.” They titled the show ‘The Man Who Kept Oprah Awake at Night’, just to prove how much The Oprah cares about getting things right! The Oprah cares about her people so much!!

What do you think the show will be called when they have to apologize for putting children at risk for putting the likes of McCarthy on the air?

To whom will The Oprah direct her statement of “You conned us all?” Do you think she's been kept awake at night?


If The Oprah cares so much about the children, why wouldn’t she hurry and make sure parents know about the autism fraud perpetrated on the world by a few?

Of course, it may not matter.

She wasn’t responsible for it. Or the books she pushes.

It has been said...

It has been said that 42% of all statistics are made up....

Unless of course we are talking about liberal hate mongers, then that number skyrockets.

January 6, 2011

Hello Russ Feingold....

With all of your complaining about NAFTA, I am sure you will be out with a statement about Obama's new Chief of Staff any time now.

After all, Bill Daley was Secretary of Commerce when NAFTA was passed, it is his baby.

On repealing Obamacare....

This will not earn me any vast right wing conspiracy reward points....

I find the move to repeal Obamacare by the new Congress to be silly.  1.  Harry Reid will not allow it to come for a vote.  2.  Even if it made it through the Senate, Obama would never sign it.

Why waste time doing something that is simply symbolic?  Conventional wisdom is saying you do that to put the Senate Dems and Obama on record again as supporting it.  Who cares?  Everyone already knows they support it.

I am all for the repeal of Obamacare but what happened to the replace part?  All the rhetoric after the bill passed was repeal and replace, that whole replace part of the equation got dropped.  We do need reform, I'm all for reform, just not the reforms designed to destroy that the left put into place.  Open up competition across state lines, reign in lawsuits, be rid of mandated coverages that increase costs, etc.

I wanted the new Congress to be a serious one that would tackle real problems: debt, jobs, government growth, immigration, protecting our borders, terrorism. 

Granted, after one day it is way too early to pass judgment but I firmly believe this first move is a mistake.


Look who is going to Iowa.

An apology from Jenny McCarthy....

Any time now... I'm sure it is forthcoming.

Caption this, sU... edition

January 5, 2011

This is moving forward?

the short list:
True Life
Jersey Shore
16 & Pregnant
16 & Pregnant (season 2)
AMTV Fircest Females
I Used to be Fat
Teen Mom
Teen Mom (season 2)

Still want your MTV?

The other day my step-daughter was watching The Jesey Shore. I could only hear the TV.
It was difficult to understand complete sentences with all the bleeping involved.
And no, I'm not averse to swearing. I worked construction, swear enough to make most people around me somewhat uncomfortable...and it was even a bit much even for me.

It was for the kids!

To help global warming?
To lead by example in fiscal responsibility?
Not so much.

January 3, 2011

Environmental Warnings....

Wrong time after time after time after time after time after time after time after time.

But go ahead and spend billions, trillions, because we are right this time.

The Ronald Reagan Float.

Look what my friend Leslie got...

2011 Predictions from the Drinking Right gang.

Packers win the 2011 Superbowl. Chad Hohner will rejoin Twitter.  Tammy Ankomeus

Barack Obama will up from a beer summit to a shot summit.  Mark Ankomes

Jeff Stone wins Milwaukee County Executive race, Brewers win 2011 NL Central crown, Eric Marcus wins Racine Mayoral race.  Fred

State workers will sick-out or slow down following Marty Beil.  Kyle Maichle

Brewers to the World Series in 2011.  Dean

State legislature, even with a new majority, will avoid passing a voter ID bill but will introduce concealed carry.  Pete F.

By the end of the year, the City of Milwaukee and MPD will admit they are going to replace Open Sky  radios.  I hope it will be be replaced before a cop is killed.  Patrick.

The Brewers will make the World Series but lose in 7 games.  This will make the Brewers the first team wo make it from both leagues.  Egg

Scott Walker expands school choice.  Dickie

Governor Walker repeals the smoking ban.  Mary DeYoung

There will be a massive revivial in the church.  Dan Clauser

Left wing protestors will disrupt a Walker speech.  Wigdy.  (Way to go out on a limb James)

Owen Robinson will refer to my blog as "Neat-O"  Owen Robinson will use the term "Wowie-Zowie"  Wigdy

Major split in the Milwaukee Democrat Party.  Sam Hagedorn

Jim Doyle will be indicted over Trojah donations.  Matt Augustine

Either Janet Napolitano will step down, or I'll finally have dinner with @Chuck-Dizzle.  Phelony Jones

Doyle will move of Wisconsin, Brett Favre will not retire, American Idol will suffer worse ratings.  Jimi Wheelock

Obamacare will be deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.  The Bears will not make the Superbowl.  Chris from Racine.

Brewers win 89 games, NL Central and reach NLCS.  The RUSD referendum fails.  The new Wisconsin budget will contain no tax increases and significant spending cuts.  The idiotic mascot law is repealed.  Peter D.

MRQ They can have my socks

a very, very, very good time   KKDither
Weenies  Peter
expext a visit from Megan McCain.  Wigdy
winning the whole shebang.  KKDither
try harder  Mary
going to get stinky.  Owen
Muahahahahahahahaha……  Elliot
best depiction of life in California  Steve
I fell off the wagon  Dipity
wore a special hat   CFR
memories get short  Kevin
Hu's on first.  AWL

like to go commando.  Jones.
They can have my socks  Pete
it is annoying  Patrick
buffet??  Joseph
road grader time  Egg
Isn't that precious?  Dean
It's not too big Corey
Is this thing on?  Owen

attacking some woman's head  Shoebox
Say, "Yessir".  TAB
Sexy chicken.  Holly
I still smile every time I say Patrick.
Tomorrow I get a huge  CFR
get bent. Frank
a resolution to behave yerself  Kate
How thoughtful!  Jimi
chocolates are gone  Sherri.
all you need to do is look at this photo   Pete
comprised of morons  TAB
I'm very excited  Dipity
hoping for a better outcome  Tammy
That's my bra! Carrie
were you licking?  Nick

The NRE awards.

Just in case you have missed it, Steve at No Runny Eggs has been running his yearly awards. 

Day 1 was the Jackass of the year.
Day 2 was Thank You For Existing
Day 3 is Dumbest Thing Said.  (How was I not nominated in this category?)

Still to come will be the News Story of the year and the Person of the year.

Feel free to leave comments at Steve's joint or in the comments here for your nominations.

A New Day For Wisconsin.

Your thoughts?

10-6 Playoffs