December 23, 2011

What did the Emperor give you for Christmas?

If you are one of the “fortunate” 6700 proud owners of the Obamamotors Chevy Volt you got a lot!!

You paid somewhere around $39,000 after energy credits etc.  but a closer analysis shows you actually got a lot bigger discount than that.

Who provided those additional great incentive discounts??  WE DID!!  The hard working tax paying public subsidized every Chevy Volt to the tune of $250,000 per car.  A $3 Billion wet sloppy kiss from the Emperor’s Regime to all those businesses who have a part in the manufacture of a Chevy Volt.

So, when you see someone driving a Volt around town remember who they need to say thank you to – NOT the Emperor or the Libs who are claiming to have “saved” the US auto industry that’s for sure.

Not true you say? Follow the link below the photo to see the truth.

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