December 9, 2011

The Emperor is part of the 1%

Obama is a 1%er

Hey all you "Occupiers" out there. Do you realize you are being scammed by the Emperor and his Regime? He tells you he is in support of your cause. He tells all of us the 1% should pay more taxes. Let's look at the math on the Emperors most recent taxes. By his own definition he is a 1% according to his income level and should therefore be willing (even eager) to pay more. How about a fact check:

The Emperor paid $454,000 in taxes (that's a 28% tax rate) and got a refund of $12,000. He advocates returning to Clinton era tax rates which would put him in the 39% tax rate category or a tax due of $654,000. So why did he not lead and pay his FAIR SHARE?

It's time to change the location of your campout - how about moving it to the White House? I am sure the Emperor and Empress would love to have you camp out on their lawn. After all they won't be there for Christmas - they will be on another vacation junket to Hawaii for golf and shopping on our dime!

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