November 10, 2011

Typical Biased Journal Times.

The Journal Times is out with their biased ridiculous report of the Balanced Budget Forum held last night by the Racine TEA Party and Americans for Prosperity.

I have already posted the videos of Congressman Ryan, I'll post the vids of Senator Wanggaard and MacIver's Brett Healy once they are uploaded.

Surprisingly the SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! crowd took a pass on this event.  There was a grand total of one left-wing pro-union crank in the crowd and take a guess what one person the Journal Times quoted in their story?  You guessed it, the left-wing pro-union crank.

The absolutely horrible Stephanie Jones couldn't get to him fast enough at the end of the event.  I saw her talk to no one else and then she makes a ridiculous tie-in to the Democrats attempt to recall the Governor.  This wasn't a recall event, it was a forum to discuss a balanced budget amendment.  I guess Steph just wants to tell her story, not what actually happened.

This month has been planned over a period of months and the Journal Times reporter couldn't even bother to seek out any of the event organizers for comment.  Yet they somehow found space to give a shout out to the recall effort.

How very typical of a left-wing reporter from a leftist newspaper.

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