November 7, 2011

Shut Up and eat your nanochips

"Smart" technology is enabling a grand scheme of data collection and citizen tracking to create a world of unimaginable privacy invasion and tweaking of the most minute details of people's everyday lives. People in both political parties have been involved in this push towards a brave, new world, with the communications industry eagerly coming up with new applications for a comprehensive wireless monitoring infrastructure. Supporters of this massive shift cite convenience, safety controls and climate change improvement as benefits of hooking everybody up to the system. But do they know what kind of monster they are enabling?

I am not making this up. See the chronology and analysis at The PPJ Gazette. And yes, nanochips are slated to go into our food supply. So, are you going to shut up and eat your nanochips like good girls and boys, or start resisting this "smart" vision as flawed and dangerous?

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