November 2, 2011

Remember Jack Senzig? He's been reassigned to an Elementary School.

Jack Senzig is the radical teacher who posted these digusting images on his personal/political blog then linked to that blog with the website he used to communicate with his students at Gifford School in Racine.  (They have since been set to member only status)  Senzig was lashing out at the horror of having to contribute to his pension and health insurance.

Well hatred is apparently allowed in Racine Unified Schools as Senzig was just shuffled from Gifford to a new school, Red Apple Elementary. 

Well now I can tell you that parents at Red Apple are not thrilled with Senzig and his radical views now being reassigned towards their children.

As a part of their pro-union stance the Journal Times took a pass on this story initially.  Will they ignore the outrage of parents at Red Apple Elementary having such a radical individual being assigned to teach grade school kids?  Will they ask why Senzig wasn't fired?  We have a radical teacher, who cancelled school events so he could go protest that posted hideous hateful images on his website and the Racine newspaper didn't think that there was a story worth telling there? 

I wish the Red Apple parents well as they decide what their next step should be.  I would certainly encourage them to bring their concerns to school administrators and the beaurocrats at their new offices on Mt. Pleasant (only slightly over budget).   I'm sure they could find a new school to transfer 'ole hateful Jack to.

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