November 28, 2011

MRQ When's Pie?


wants other people to pay.  Charlie

very interesting and quite advanced.  Kate

failed....   Patrick

aren't even trying.  Owen

I'm eminently plastic  Dad29

a needless and largely personal attack  Denis

A Tenth Of A Ton Of Crap.  Steve

Unsafe At Any Speed  Egg

give Sears a call.  Me.

what the hell were they thinking  Kevin

When's pie?  Trog

Asking for a “do-over” Wigdy

he can think of other ways to embarrass himself  Dan


mostly destroyed.  Franf.

making out with him.  Dipity.

the Care Bears.  Jim

Drinking coffee.  WebWit

Naughty Girl Gailann

Oh yeah!!!!  CFR

I see snowflakes.  Kate

a ripper.  Ric

orange is the new pink.  Tom

start planning now!  Brother Jim.

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