November 14, 2011

MRQ I am not running for president

moving forward   Kate
the whole point is sameness  Ann
push their button   Patrick.
I want a DOER!  ALa
Don't major it puppetry.  Owen   (Good advice)
Free bus trips  Dad29
Film at 11  Silent E
very culturally insensitive  Trog.
Get off my lawn  Trog.
It was embarrassing.  Elizabeth
more convoluted  Cindy
Hell of a lot better ... than Aaron Rogers   Dan
I am not running for president  Wigdy  (Finally he makes a decision)
he pinched my ass   Denis
a whole lot of prostituting  Cindy
burst into flames.  Egg
drunk on power   Beth
I did not moon the deputy.  Scoff


sharing a bottle.  Anne

#WeCantWait Dipity

A Fish Oil Infomercial.  Tom

got hooked.  Pete

5 shots.  Patrick

unbearable CFR

forgets to wear panties.  WebWit

more often than a ten dollar hooker.  Chicks

Razor. Sharp. Kindness.  Aaron

a stupid question.  Wigdy

I don't really feel like playing.  Franf

Tastes like cough medicine.  Jessica

wearing Crocs.  Carrie.

soaked in alcohol.  Cindy.

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