November 7, 2011

MRQ contributing to emotional depression

Oh!  Althouse
How long?  Patrick.
a happy development.  Owen
Sexually harrased.  Steve
A total tool.  Kevin
  • …time to roll out Rosie O’Donnell in the steel bikini. Smitty
The previous three MRQs are courtesy of the Troglopundit.
contributing to emotional depression  Trog
need a recount  Wigdy
some good action soon.  Joanna
Professional undie-bunchers  Scoff
a messy opinion related moment Cindy
Shake Yo' Ass  Chad

bash me.  CFR

polished off the scotch.  Franf

LOVE my Gov Gailann

prevent the hard   Pete

NOT CUTE! Patrick

that white hair coming out from your nose.  Jim.

Beer later.  Kevin

doughnutbutt   Sara

152939041  WebWit

too exciting.  Pierre

*cough* Tammy

Enough already Craig.

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