November 22, 2011

More Smoke and Mirrors on Jobs

Campaign update from the Emperor: Now that he is back from pretending to be working by visiting Australia while on his way to Hawaii for some golf. He signed another smoke and mirrors jobs bill. Hyping this as a bill to help our Veterans get jobs he put in place another scam that he can campaign on.

The bill provides "stimulus" tax credits to businesses who hire Veterans. Here's the hidden truth -- 1) there are not many jobs available in the private sector to be had by anyone let alone veterans. Why? Because the Emperor's policies and Obamacare have the private sector handcuffed and so scared about what he might do next to hurt them economically that they are not hiring anyone. 2) But for the sake of argument let's say this business owner decides even though he doesn't need to hire anybody, because there isn't additional work he needs done because of the condition of the US economy. "You know what, I'm gonna be patriotic. I'm gonna go out there and I'm gonna hire this veteran. And that's gonna cost me $50,000 by the time I roll in health care coverage and other sick days, vacation, salary, gonna cost me 50 grand, and the Emperor is gonna give me a $2500 tax credit. Such a deal the Emperor has put out there for me, I'm gonna go out and spend $50,000 to get a tax break of $2,500."

I must be nuts to think that way, I'd go out of business very quickly if I take the Emperor up on this "Hire a Veteran Jobs Plan".

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