October 24, 2011


I've seen multiple posts today chiding Dan Bice for his seeming outrage over Senator Ron Johnson buying a house in DC.  Bice's story is ridiculous and just designed to fuel the flames of left wing hate, something Bice does very well.

I've found the outrage.

Senator Johnson reportedly paid about a million bucks for his new DC digs.  According to the real estate listing the property was listed at 1,095,000, the assessed value was $903,670 and the annual taxes on the property were $7,681. 

My property taxes on a home assessed at $159,000 in Racine are right at $3,900 a year, outrageous.

So,  to equal things out you have multiply the assessed value of my home by 5.68 times to equal the value of Senator Johnson's home.  5.68 times my property taxes is $22152.  In other words that would be the property tax payment on Senator Johnson's home if it was in Racine and assessed at $903,670.

DC - $7,681
Racine - $22,152

So there is your outrage, in Racine propery taxes would be $14.471 higher than they would in DC for a similar home.  I'm outraged that taxes here are so much higher than they are there, and Wisconsin libs still complain our taxes aren't high enough.

Of course the occupy idiots would decry Johnson for being able to afford such a home.  As far as I'm concerned if he can afford it good for him.  However, the tax inequality is stunning. 

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