October 4, 2011

(R) & (D) Hitler References.

Hank Williams equates Obama to Hitler and gets tossed off Monday Night Football.

Madonna equates Hitler to John McCain and gets the Superbowl.

UPDATE: Jeff Simpson said at Blogging Blue, "...as we speak, throughout the right wing echo chamber, Hank Williams Jr. is being put on a pedestal!'     In comments Jeff said RDW did not disappoint.  

Jeff, I know you have issues with basic concepts like reading comprehension but I did not put Hank Williams Jr. on a pedestal.  I simply pointed out two different musical performers who both came out with Hitler references that got treated very differently based on the bashing of a (R) or a (D).  That does not imply anywhere that I am defending the actions or placing on a pedestal  he or Madonna.   That simply shows once again how like actions are treated very differently by media based on the target. 

(Pay attention Jeff, this is the part where I actually give an opinion)  Quite frankly I wish Bocephus and The Material Girl would both just shut up and sing. 

But then just making stuff up to attack those you apparently can't comprehend is par for the course in the cesspool that is Blogging Blue.

You stay classy Jeff.

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