October 9, 2011

Obamacare Unfair.

This is a letter to the editor in today's Racine Journal Times.

SC Johnson recently informed its employees that under Obamacare regulations, their current employee health insurance plans are too generous. Starting in 2018, SCJ will be punished with a 40 percent tax on what the government considers “excess value.”

The tax is in addition to the premiums their 3,200 U.S. employees already pay, out of their paychecks, of — $2,600/year, for a plan with family deductibles of $700 and out-of-pocket costs of $2,800.

SCJ is not soaking taxpayers for employee health benefits. It is using its own profits to help its employees pay medical, dental and vision bills. It should be praised for this, not punished.

The 40 percent tax will be imposed regardless of the ratio of employer/employee contribution to the insurance plan cost. Even if the employee pays 100 percent of the plan cost, SCJ will still be taxed 40 percent. The almighty government has deemed the plan too generous.

Why should the government decide what level of health care a private company provides is too generous?
The planned result of these regulations will be to destroy the private insurance market, forcing everyone into government run health care. The quality of health care will decrease, waiting times for treatment will increase, rationing to cut costs will deny people proper care and doctors will be burdened with more red tape.

The Obamas receive excellent health care, but through Obamacare, he’s mandated that average citizens, like SCJ employees, won’t be able to afford that same excellent care.

That is wrong and should not be tolerated in a free society.

Adele Weeks

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