October 3, 2011

MRQ a signal of glorious caloric Armageddon

unapologetic nerdism  Trog
Take It Off Ladies logjam
in the running for once   Dan.
Crate-Henge  SCC
I would take immense pleasure  Joanna
Mr. Happy  RacineUncovered
We're all gonna die!!!!!  Egg
I wasn't talking about Twitter.  Steve

Shuck You.  Ann
Not bad for an ex-Viking  Egg
what took so long?  Kevin
a hug from me is worse than death  CFR
Sports hangover  Patrick.
Do you like it?  Holly
Sexxxy!  Dipity
You want me on that wall. You *NEED* me on that wall.  Franf
has a longer track  Jackie.
vampires work here...  Chad
good and obedient wives would be found in all corners of the world  Audrey
a legal alternative to crack  Chuck.
I just saw a drag queen    Chad
Rabbit Season   Tom
a signal of glorious caloric Armageddon  Christian
just in from NORAD  Wigdy
the Obama of closers  Peter
Wave that magical ponytail.  Breitbart
Aaaaahhhhh Gotta Go!! T-Plush
#Beastmode   JohnAxford
Hoo Ya  Nightshade
tossing their copies of Atlas Shrugged.  Keith

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