October 31, 2011

MRQ sheep running around the bar.


'Nuff said.  Kate

suddenly got sick.  Althouse

whack jobs.  Egg

purring in agony.  Trog

stunning ignorance.  Wigdy

bitch & moan Patrick

ridiculously strict  Owen

genetically modified submission agent  Denis

seen as the downtrodden.  Mary

nearly choked.  Lumberjack

hours in a motel room.  Kevin

over and over and over  Trog.

an amusing morning. Cindy

providing the equipment  Dan

Second Opinion – PRICELESS  Bussorah


I agree with Fred.  Pete  (Two weeks in a row)

wussing out   Patrick

Occupy a job.  Aaron.

a very kinky girl.  Tom

sheep running around the bar.  Franf

after a bender Chad

dressed up like Harry Potter  Fraley

"assaulting" workers.  Christian

utterly giddy.  Sean

Nom, nom...nommmmm!  Dipity

I want.  Holly

String 'em up.  CFR

emergency lunch.  Wigdy

in the mood to bitch  Anne.

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