October 17, 2011

MRQ lifts and separates

I've been naughty.  Cindy
to the bottom.  Owen
encouraging violence.  Mary 
I miss "Huzzah!"  AWL

greedy little snots.  Owen

the absurdity of people.  Deekaman

the iClod.  Gravelle
can be bought.  Trog
I blame Obama  Dan
Those things all look alike to me  Mr. Pterodactyl.
put me down.  Patrick.
always a reason to riot  Sandra
you can almost imagine that they're screaming  Lance
I am officially old  Cindy
officially a girl scout!  Jimi
the curse that leads to the misery  Franf
used to make napalm  Christian
bitter about the end  Wigdy
I would have gotten out today  Tom
Buying sticks  Dipity
as a toy at 3:00 a.m.  CFR 
lifts and separates  Chad

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