October 10, 2011

MRQ gimme gimme gimme

*snicker*snort* Ahhhhhhh…. Whew!  Kate
Obama gets it right  Owen
Because this is America, dang it. Freedom!   Dipity

free bongs Egg
been through this movie before.   Althouse
I fixed it.  Steve
the nanobots in my brain  Trog
gimme gimme gimme  Ric
Kiss my hard working ASS  CFR
I can drive a stick. Mary 
fuzzy pink robe  Kate
G.O.T.O.  Ric
HOW did that happen???  CFR
bring a smile to your face  Tom
worship me.  Gravelle
a legal alternative to crack. Brother Jim
Must keep coffee  Cindy
recklessly and irresponsibly!  Pierre
on the FBI's most wanted list.  Dipity
mine, all mine.  Wigdy 

dolpins are ok  Franf
 I'm not very "virtuous"  CFR

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