October 24, 2011

MRQ boorish and uncivil behavior

I was more excited ALa
boorish and uncivil behavior  Shark
I can't think of a simple thing I can do.  SER
not playing with a full deck  Kate
wussed out  Patrick
utterly rancid  Trog
I almost choked.  Dipity
another shady business  Scoff
put a condom on a banana  Elliot.


cheerleader chasing.  Sam

have everything tattooed  Chad

scared me  Carrie

drinking  CFR

holding out Franf

time with crayons Pete

from the sex to the drugs Dipity

geeks are watching.  Cindy

Scream! Scream!  Tom

happy ending.  Beth

God hates me.  Aaron

Worst cat fart.  Jib

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