October 7, 2011

The Leaf issue.

I got this month's Consumer Reports a couple of days ago and they reviewed the Nissan Leaf.  I found the following passage fascinating.

Testing the new Nissan Leaf  presented some new challenges for our Auto Test Center.  Because the car is being released regionally, we had to to fly to California to buy one.  And while we normally purchase a car and then drive it back, the Leaf's limited range and frequent charging needs eliminated this as an option.  So we had it shipped on a car carrier to our Connecticut facility.

Before testing any vehicles, we drive them for more than 2,000 miles to break them in.  But some longer-distance commuters whom we normally count on to put on mile, were apprehensive about the Leaf's rather short range.  So it took longer than usual to rack up the necessary miles on shorter trips.

Top Gear recently drove the Leaf as well.

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