October 25, 2011

If Ron Johnson was a (D) the story would be different.

Many bloggers have justifiably had their fun with Dan Bice's ridiculous column on a home purchase of Ron Johnson in DC.  Can you imagine how the rhetoric would have been different if there was a (D) after his name?

Johnson providing a green example.

Newly elected Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is breaking the traditional mold of Washington largess.  Senator Johnson recently acquired housing in DC and he is breaking the paradigm of the stogie smoking wasteful Washington politician.

Symbolically Senator Johnson is embracing the goals of the "Occupy" movement by giving of his own money and bypassing the traditional home mortgage cabal.  By making this financial sacrifice Johnson is also avoiding tax loopholes like the mortgage interest deduction ensuring that he will be paying his fair share.  Johnson will also be paying property taxes in both DC and Wisconsin which can of course be redistributed to our over-burdened government employees. 

Wisconsin's junior senator has purchased a town home within two blocks of his Senate office.  If you've ever been to DC you would be aware of the massive traffic problems.  All of the automotive exhaust created by DC commuters of course contributes to global warming.  Johnson made an eco-sacrifice to move into an area with higher property values in order to be able to walk or bike to his office.  In addition, Johnson's home provides easy access to DC's light rail program for when Johnson needs to get to the airport to get back to Wisconsin and serve his constituents.

In addition, Johnson chose to further minimize his carbon footprint by buying a townhouse.  Of course those living in such close quarters are living in a more environmentally friendly manner by not using as much of our precious and ever diminishing green space.

Senator Johnson's sacrifices should not be ignored by Wisconsin residents.  His actions provide a shining example of how to live in an environmentally friendly manner while denying Wall Street their ill gotten gains.  Our planet, Wisconsin and the valiant "Occupy" movement thank the Senator for his selfless sacrifices.

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