September 19, 2011

So what does MRQ stand for?

Now and again I get asked what the heck is with this MRQ thing?

MRQ stands for Monday Random Quotes.  This is a feature created long ago by the brilliant Amy Kant or as she used to be known Belle.  When Belle hung up her blogging spurs she graciously passed on the MRQs to me.

I expanded it to include TRQ, Twitter Random Quotes, FBRQ, Facebook Random Quotes and DRQs, Drinking Right Quotes.  Frankly since Twitter changed their setup it made gathering TRQs too difficult so I've passed on them.  I haven't been doing Drinnking Right quotes because people were too afraid to speak out when I was within ear-shot.  (Mostly just Steve Egg who thinks he is unquotable anyway)

MRQs are snippets of things posted on the web taken purposely out of context always with a link back to the person who said that quote.  It is designed to expose my readers to others spots around the web.  You can get quoted by saying something quotable that I stumble across.

Some people just open themselves up to MRQs (I'm looking at you Sara Conrad), others are too serious all the time (Egg).  Some bloggers don't actually write enough to grab a whole quote (I'm looking at you Owen, Bleh).  Some bloggers launch huge new blogs out of MRQs (Troglopundit)   Still others get testy if you don't mention them (Has anyone seen Chris from Racine?)

Each week I pick one of the most outrageous quotes and use it to title the post.  (An honored position)

Of course I do take suggestions.  If you see or have written a random quote you'd like to submit just email me at fkd1015 at yahooooooooooooo dot com.  Remember we're looking for a snipet out of context not the entire quote.

I'll be posting this week's MRQs later today.

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