September 27, 2011

Smart Meter snaffu: they do not save energy

Does your wireless smart meter make you feel like you're saving the planet? Uh oh, time to get the facts. These devices simply do not save energy as touted. Remove that benefit, and you have a system of radiation pulsing devices communicating our every habit to whomever collects all that nice data to use however they want, and set-up rate changes to try to influence our behavior.

These useless, dangerous devices were partly paid for by our tax money in stimulus smart grid program payments to the states. Updating the grid is one thing, but it should not mean opening people's lives to scrutiny and radiation they do not want in their own homes. Period.

I admit this is my pet issue, but who else is on it? Unless enough people come to understand the waste of the smart grid snaffu and do something about it, we will all pay for it.

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