September 6, 2011

Regarding the open letter...

A number of my fellow conservative bloggers released a letter today on some early endorsements of Mark Neumann.

I was asked to sign onto this letter but declined to do so.

I agree with several of the points in the letter especially on what an outrage it is that the national GOP folks want to select our Senator for us; especially since they took a hands off approach to the national attack on Wisconsin from the unions.

However, I was uncomfortable with hanging the ethics of the last election on Mark Neumann and writing him off this early in the process.

No one was more surprised than I at how negative Mark Neumann went in the Wisconsin election for Governor.  However, I'm willing to give the man another chance.  People learn from their prior experiences and I am hoping Mr. Neumann learned something in that process and will return to the Neumann of the past.

More than anything I believe it is too early to be picking a favorite in this race.  The Republicans have three declared candidates and the left has only uber-left-wing radical Tammy Baldwin in the race so far.  I'm more than willing to hear from Neumann, Thompson and Fitzgerald as to why I should support them.

I respect these bloggers more than ever and am proud of them for speaking their minds.

I am truly undecided in this race and I intend to keep an open mind.  Well, the right half of my brain anyway.  Frankly I can't think of Tammy Bladwin without thinking about her dancing with Wonder Woman.

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